Touring Plans 101

We’re set to go starting Jan 7, which means we’ll be booking our fast passes in November, but we’re trying to understand the best process for making a personalized TP. I’m sure this has been addressed before, but we’ve looked at some tutorials, and still don’t have a handle on how we approach setting one up.
Do we wait till we’ve BOOKED our FP+ in November before devising a personalized TP? We’ve tried some practice ones with EPCOT, and the process seems to want me to put in our FP+ information. So are we wasting our time trying to come up with one when we don’t know for sure yet what FP+'s we’ll be able to secure?
We’re going to be a party of 6 - two geezers, 3 millennials, and a 1.5 year old, and we’ve got 8 park-hopper days for the four parks (staying at OKW). So if there’s an existing TP that fits our situation, we’d love to be pointed in the right direction. But we’re assuming a personalized one would be best.
Are we right in assuming that, if we’re planning two days in MK, for example, we would make two TP for each day, splitting the attractions and shows we want to see?
We could go on and on… well actually, that ship has sailed, but any suggestions for hapless newbies that are new to this process would be appreciated, including suggested tutorials.

Make a plan, see where your longest wait is and enter a FP for that time, optimise and repeat for the second and third FP. When you’re happy with how it looks, you have your FP targets to go for. If you don’t get them at exactly the right time, no problem, just change what you put in the plan.

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Thanks, that’s very helpful, and probably obvious to folks who aren’t as totally immersed and overwhelmed by trip planning as we are. And it makes the TP a great tool in preparing for FP+ day.

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It is so helpful for that. And you can keep changing the FPs to see how the plan would look. Warning though - you can’t undo a change, so making a copy first is advisable if you like the plan you have.

I am just checking that you saw this post by @brklinck? I will post some of his other links.


One of my all time favorite posts:

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