Touring plan with Reign of Kong

Where to fit in Reign of Kong into universal touring plan?

Wait to see what happens in the next few days. Normally either at rd or in last 90 mins is best for new rides at uni.

We have 4 onsite mornings coming up soon. I have no idea how Universal handles the rest of the park opening but we might use one of our mornings to line up early at Kong. I’m checking out other message boards to see how it’s going. I’ll report back here when I return

Thanks look forwards to it

I’m interested in this also. We will be there in two weeks. I was thinking about doing the early entry for FJ and HP area and then being at Kong at park opening. What I haven’t heard is whether Kong has been opening first thing in the morning?

Just made a post for everyone, but thought I’d reply here too.
I’m down here now. We did EA today at IOA. After HP FJ and getting Butterbeer, we left the area to get closer to Kong. There was an employee letting people know that Kong wasn’t open but we were free to queue.

I don’t know what time they were letting people leave HP to get to Kong, but I did not notice a rope off between Hogsmeade and JP first thing in the morning.

We left Hogsmeade about 0740 and were on the ride about 0800. A queue started forming pretty early on after entering JP, but very organized by staff. I don’t know what time they actually starting running the ride, but it was definitely before 0800.

Today and yesterday they EA at 0650.

Waits for Kong have been in the 90 minute range all day long. There is a single rider line. Rows hold 6 people.