Touring Plan when in park before rope drop

This is the first time that we’re using a Touring Plan AND being in some of the parks before rope drop for breakfasts.

Have you done this? How have you adjusted your Touring Plan?



Hi Lynne,

I add the meal as usual and a break right after the meal for the first couple of minutes of park opening. I know that I can ride 7DMT twice (when working) before the RD crowd hits the ride. So, by 9:15 I would have been on 7DMT twice, Pooh 1x, Peter Pan 1x, and would make my way towards Adventureland for BTMRR and Splash.


Thank you! This is very helpful!

We’re also doing this in DHS. Breakfast at SciFi Drive In. I’m thinking that right after breakfast, we’ll make a run for Toy Story Midway Mania (we have a 5-year-old with us). :smile:

I am loving this.

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I did the same thing. I originally put in Mine train for right at rope drop and TP put a 40 min wait. I know it won’t be that long (coming from a BOG breakfast), so I made an in park break and put in the notes that I would ride mine train.

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We just ignored TP, rode Splash and BTMRR x2 easily before any RDers arrived. Then we optimized our plan.

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