Touring Plan Wait Time Question

Just completed my first Touring Plan…painful:) I was planning on doing rope drop on Sep 24th in Epcot. I have Test Track first with an advised wait time of 35 minutes. Is this normal for rope drop? I know I have a massive learning curve and thank you for your advice.

Welcome to touring plans!

The wait time is that high because the plan assumes you will not be at the front of the rope drop crowd. If you arrive early enough and are at the front of the pack, your wait should be less.

That assumes that TT is up and running right away. It is notorious for being down in the morning. A common recommendation is to get a FPP for TT and RD Soarin’

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3 granddaughters want to do FEE so we will use (hopefully) Tier 1 FP for that ride. That is why we were planning on doing Test Track and Mickey meet and greet as rope drop 1 and 2.

That makes sense, just be prepared for the possibility that TT could be down in the morning. FEA is another good choice for RD, because not as many people want to make the hike up to the World Showcase early before most of it is open. The problem with doing that is YOU have to hike all the way up there and back.

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