Touring Plan to include waterpark

I am trying to create my touring plan for our seven day stay Aug 19-25 2015. We wanted to go to one of the waterparks on the first day, but the customized touring plan won’t post on my homepage? I understand that the waterpark is closed now until March. Is this why I can’t create a touring plan that will post in the middle section of my homepage? I keep going in and individually adding each attraction and the plan will only show as a link in the bottom right corner of my homepage? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. I understand I can’t optimize or evaluate the touring plan for the waterpark, but would like to see it appear on the homepage if possible to see each day.

I’ll be following this, too.
I can’t seem to find and create a touring plan for the water parks.
We’ll be going in March - We’re assuming it’ll be warm enough for water parks then?

What customised water park tp. There isnt one that I know of. Tp doesn’t measure wait times etc in water no ability to customise. General rules. Do rd hit big rides at opening then wave pool and lazy river later on. is the plan for BB. is the plan for TL.

It only shows on the bottom right of my page as well, but still easier than navigating to it… to this point, the only way I can find these is to Search on the whole site.

I’ve heard to do RD at them as well, mainly to ensure you get lockers and chairs.

Thanks megstr29 for the link. I read about Touring Plans for the water parks in the Unofficial Guide to WDW. I figured they had to be there, just couldn’t find them. Will it be warm enough in March for pools and water parks?