Touring plan times at MK on 11/29 seem accurate?

I can book my Fastpasses in 8 days and have been trying to decide which Fastpasses to get at MK on 11/29. Does it seem realistic that BTMR would only have a wait of 8 minutes @ 10:30 and Splash a wait of 8 minutes @ 10:45? The plan tells me to get FP+ for Buzz, Space M, and Little Mermaid later in the day. Just wondering if I should switch one to BTMR. Thanks to anyone who might have any insight!

The wait times generally are fairly accurate, but not sure what’s going on in this case. That’s the week after thanksgiving, which is usually a fairly low crowd time from what I understand. That being said, I would almost always pick BTMRR for my FPP over little mermaid, but that’s just me.

No! There are other posts that December is off too. I would get the FPs for the attractions/times I want and then build the plan after that.

Thank you!

Thank you! That makes sense!