Touring Plan Suggestions

EDIT: corrected links to plans

Preamble: we’re staying at WDW from September 21st through October 2nd. We won’t be attending any MNSSHP events. We’ve got a full 10 day pass (two extra days for waterparks/DTD) with dining plan, so we have plenty of opportunities to see everything. I have to fight my inclination when making a touring plan of putting too much stuff on my plan.

So here are our first two days at Magic Kingdom (Day 2 and Day 6 of our trip.) Fast-pass times are estimated. The Day 6 Saturday is going to be fairly crowded, and we’re sleeping in that day (as we have a late night the night before for Epcot EMH.)

One issue I’m having making these touring plans is that I can’t figure out a way to lock an event in at a specific spot and optimize around it, so I find myself optimizing, then editing and reevaluating a lot. Any thoughts on these plans so far? - Tuesday Sept 22nd, CL2 - Note here that the touring plan system doesn’t seem to be able to make use of the railroad as transportation. The idea is we take the railroad from entrance to frontierland, then when done in frontierland take it back over to fantasyland. - Saturday Sept 26th, CL6 - The late night EMH adds so much time to this day, It seems to be accomplishing so much even through the crowds and late start. I can probably get a space mountain EMH fastpass after using up the one for Wishes.

Edit: Also, my family collects autographs from meet & greets. I should figure out how to work in time for the meet & greets not shown on the attractions list. (Peter & Wendy, specifically.)

I don’t know whether this will work for you, but I ended up creating a break at a specific time to meet Belle. I ended up making it about 40 minutes right when the WS opened (which worked well for me when I booked it over from FW to meet her), but I know that that can be a bit difficult to guess how long it will take. I’m afraid she was my only meet and greet, so hopefully a more experienced liner will chime in here.

We’ll get Belle in France on an Epcot day.

Have you checked out KennythePirate? He’s generally my go-to for advice on meet and greets (both timing and location). Everything else I find on here, of course. :wink:

Yeah, I think my wife paid for his app. I leave the Kenny-the-Pirate research to her. She’s the character fanatic. Right now she is livid that Disney made Character Palooza at DHS random time and location. :smile:

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So I’m really having a problem with the first day.

I am trying to keep this fairly locked in for the beginning - hitting attractions close together. If I use “Optimize” it jumbles things all over the place (despite selecting “minimize walking”). I want to start off taking the train to frontierland, hitting BTMR and Splash Mountain, before taking the train again to fantasyland, and hitting everything else there. (The only attractions we have outside of those two lands this day is Haunted Mansion, as well as some meet & greets at the town square theatre as we leave.)

I’m trying to optimize the stuff in fantasyland after that, but I keep ending up with massive wait times (at least, massive for a CL2). Now, the fast-passes are obviously still just guesses (it’s over 90 days away), but I’d love the ability to lock in those early attractions and then have it optimize the rest of the day. It’s getting to the point where I’m about ready to see how long it’s predicting total for BTMR and Splash Mountain and mark them off as a break (I already had to do that with the railroads.)

Optimize means the software is looking for shortest waits even though that might send you criss crossing the park. I make a plan, optimize it, then i make a copy of it. I then drag and drop attractions in the copy into the slots that make more sense to me. Then I evaluate instead of optimize. After evaluating, compare the wait times at the bottom of the plan to the wait times in the Optimized version. Your plan will probably have longer waits, but if they aren’t prohibitively longer it might be worth it to you to use your plan instead of the Optimized plan. If you like the order of a plan, don’t Optimize. Optimize will almost always jumble up all the steps searching for shortest possible waits.

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I can’t actually look at your plans the way you have them linked right now. In order to allow others to look at your plans, go back into them, click edit, then click publish plan. Then take the URL that you are given and paste that URL here. Right now when I click on your links it actually takes me to my own TPs. This is because you haven’t really made yours “public” so only you see the plans when you click on the link.

Try ordering the rides the way you want and then evaluate that will not move them about and try a few variations. This will however give you longer wait times than using the optimiser. The train loads in the plan as a full circle 20 min journey but it is good as it allows for extra wait times, bathroom breaks Also at over 90 days out your wait times are not that accurate yet.

Something is wrong then… because this is already at the top of my plan (Which I notice has the same ID number as the original):

This plan is published.
Share this link with anyone you want to view this plan:

Tiny difference in the URL caused this. Didn’t notice the share-URL is different than the one in my browser.

Thanks for link. It looks like a good plan. Considering its 17 steps, approx 170min waiting in line is good. Should be able to do better on a low crowd day tho. On one hand this looks like a personalized plan the way you want it. Nothing wrong with that. On other hand to cut down on waits you might try moving Peter Pan first in day and doing BTMRR and Splash around time you do HM. The TP algorithm is always going to go for shortest waits. But we know our families: sometimes we’d rather wait somewhere than walk back and forth. Not sure why RR won’t work. Maybe bec your plan starts before 9?