Touring Plan Successes

Hi All ! As I sit here continually fine-tuning my TPs for our family trip this Fall, I am wondering if those who have used the personalized plans can share their success/accuracy rate of the plans.

Also, based on your experience, would you change anything to ensure things run smoothly the next time you design a personalized TP ?

Thanks in advance for helping with our sanity. wink

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The ones I made in February worked like a charm. I used a printed copy in the parks for the most part because I didn't want to have my phone out all the time. I think it really helped to think of the non- attraction things we didn't want to miss in each area - Dole Whips, watch the Epcot fountains, spend time in PoC shop. I noted those things on my plan and set the walking speed to slow so we'd have time for little things in between attractions. You can also add breaks, but I found that method less useful.


I made HS and MK touring plans for neighborhood friends that have never been to WDW before. They were for Mid June. They said that they worked very well for them.
They said they were way ahead of the TP at MK and were able to add more attractions and ride a few things twice.
We will use our first TP's for our November trip. I am curious to hear others experiences as we formulate our November game plans.

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@SallyEppcot, Thanks for your comments !! I may change my plans to relaxed walking speed, instead of normal to see what impact that has. It's good to "stop and smell the roses" along the way.


So if my family includes three kids and a stroller, setting walking speed to very relaxed would be realistic? I don't like being behind schedule.

My advice is to trust the TP. On our last trip (April 2014, week before Easter) our MK EMH rope drop plan was spot on and kept us well ahead of the crowds. We were even able to add in a few extra attractions. Busy week, but no waits over 20 mins. Anxious to see how we'll do next April with 7DMT and A&E in the plan.


We have used TPs for the last couple trips and they worked awesome. The last trip in October we used a personalized plan for each park. The one thing I changed for this year was to add longer lunch and dinner time. We found that once we sat down we actually wanted longer breaks than I had worked into the schedule. We also optimized in the park often as it switches up the plan if you go off a bit and it works great. I did print the plans too in case of wifi troubles.


I created TP for our two days at MK last May and it worked beautifully. With that being said be open to being flexible and enjoy the surprises that make the trip special. While it was awesome for our TP to have worked so well it was also awesome when we rogue and DH and DS stayed in Tomorrowland to ride Buzz again and DD and I ran over to Small World. By doing so DD met Alice in Wonderland and DS met Buzz-which btw was not on the plan! The biggest aspect of a TP that I enjoyed was I was not overwhelmed in park with decision making and I new where to head while others were left studying maps and discussing what they wanted to do next.

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@mc_hokie, what walking speed did you have your TP set at ? Just curious. Thanks for the comments !

Exacty what I like about personalized TPs, @ksholmes16 ! I enjoy being familiar with the park layout, knowing what the priorities are, and cutting out all the head-scratching and map-gazing that everyone else seems to spend so much time doing. Thanks !

I leave the walking speed at the default. I usually change the other to "less walking" to avoid criss-crossing the park as much.

I am sitting here debating! FPP selections at midnight. We've never used a PTP in the past and have had great luck always. But higher Oct crowds have me worried I should be more prepared? Although, even Spring Break wasn't bad. I don't want to be stuck to the paper, but many ppl have great feedback about it.

I love making and following touring plans! They work! I definitely select relaxed pace to allow for taking pictures. I like to use my app and reoptimize if we make chages or get behind our schedule for whatever reason. It's also fun to add wait times as you go!


Thanks for the feedback, guys !!

Hope your FPP selections went well, @JustADreamAway !!

We used the personalized touring plans for our very first trip to WDW. They worked amazingly well. My family was impressed with how little we had to wait in line. The one thing that I am changing for this year's trip is using the slower walking pace option. The regular pace was fine for us but we want a more relaxing trip this time.

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We did them last fall. They were quite accurate: we were ahead of schedule until Space Mountain broke down. Things like that and walking speed seemed to impact more than anything else. We've been really pleased.

the one thing I found made my PTP's more realistic was to set the start time to 9:15am. Only use 9am as the start time if you think you will really be right up at the front of RD.

worked amazingly well, first time using ptp. what also impressed me - whenever hit a snag such as a ride not working - were able to easily switch plan and continue without a hitch. used printed copy in parks, relying on iphone just to check wait times. btw, loved how accurate lines wait reports were. on 1 ride, cm said 25 min wait, we walked right on.

Thanks, @anduin, @mjsmomma, & @staza ! I appreciate the insight. smiley