Touring Plan Success!

I just returned from a 6 day visit to Walt Disney World and used custom touring plans, along with the Lines app, for my entire trip. The wait times for the attractions on the Lines app were very close to what the actual wait times were, although on a couple of days the parks were much busier than what Touring Plans forecasted them to be. The only “issue” I had during the trip was with break times for meals, at locations outside of the park I was visiting. Since the restaurant was outside of the park, I couldn’t use the “Meal” button when designing my touring plan for the day, and I had to set them up as “Breaks”. So during the day, Lines was very fluid in the time that it suggested for the break, as it was trying to work around shows. Unfortunately with ADR’s I couldn’t adjust the time of the break to match what Lines was recommending and I had to manually adjust the touring plan.

I also used the advance room fax service, and got the room right next to the one I had asked for.

All and all it was a great service, and I won’t hesitate to use it again on my next trip to the World.


Thanks, I have not used the lines nor the touring plans before so I as wondering if they really work. Guess I will find out for myself in December.

Hey @len, people are saying nice things about the site again!

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Woooo! Thanks @paradisefound and @theredhead!


@paradisefound sounds like you can customize the plan on the fly, am I correct that that’s what you did? This will be my first time using one in November and I wasn’t sure how it worked. I didn’t want to be tied down to a specific plan and not be able to do anything spontaneous.

@jodiey yes exactly. I built the plans using the website before hand, and optimized all of the plans a final time about 2 days before I left. Once I got to the park I would go ride the attraction that was listed as Step 1. Once I got out of the attraction, I would use the Lines app to tell Touring Plans that I had “Done” the attraction, and I would re-optimize the plan. This would take into account current wait times for the remaining attractions on my plan. It normally didn’t change much, but sometimes it would suggest a change to the plan based on current queue lengths. If there was an attraction that had a long queue time and we decided the wait was just too long, I could delete the attraction from my plan, and re-optimize. I had printed the plans out on paper before I left home and took them to the park, but honestly with the app, I never even looked at them. There is even a timer option built into the Lines app for the attractions, so that I could provide Touring Plans with real time queue waits, which I thought was really cool.

I’m a part time Travel Agent and I liked this product so much, I will be purchasing a Touring Plan account for all of my Disney clients going forward.


@paradisefound that sounds really cool. So is there just 1 app, lines or is there a touring plans app too? You said the lines app told touring plans so I’m just a little confused.

@jodiey “WDW Lines” is the name of Touring Plans app. You log into the app with your Touring Plans login, and it can pull your custom touring plans right from the website.

so you hit optimize every time you finish the next item on the plan?

I dont because I use evaluate to move some rides to where I want. If I then optimise it will put a ride I want to do last eg Kali first. 2 diff features.

Then how do you let the app know you’ve finished an item?

@clarissa33 in the app there is a “Done” button next to each step. So as I completed each attraction, I would hit done and optimize again. I didn’t tweak the attraction order like @mumcalsop did, instead I would just ride the attraction further down in the order and click done, then optimize again. Sometimes it would then change the order of the remaining attractions, and sometimes it would leave them the same.

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