Touring plan start time is an hour after arrival

I’m putting together a touring plan. The park opens at 9am. I have 9am as my arrival time. My first attraction in the plan has 10am. Why isn’t it closer to 9am?

First attraction is Posiedon’s Fury at 10a. Plan time is 9am entering vis Main Entrance.

What am I missing?

I assume you mean when you optimize the plan?

It will depend on your settings, partially. But if it can get through everything you want to do, it doesn’t necessarily start at the beginning of the day.

Can you share your plan? Might be easier to see what the issue could be that way.

PS doesn’t open until 10am. An hour after the park opens. This is why it is starting your plan at 10am. Add attractions on the way to that area like rides in Suess Landing.


Perhaps she is using Evaluate rather than Optimize. :thinking:

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She lists PS as the “first” attraction and it doesn’t open until 10am that’s the reason for the delay. I’m assuming she put it there manually. Not saying TP is perfect - far from it. However, when you Optimize, it usually doesn’t put a closed attraction as your first step. It’ll make you crisscross the park once the attraction opens to get that low queue time.

I’ve experienced it with Optimize if the other ride options don’t allow enough time, or the setting for walking has it taking too long, etc.

Anyhow, hopefully seeing the plan will help root out the issue.

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I have the same situation for a day in December at USF. I have Harry Potter things in my plan, but it is telling me that I should go to Transformers first thing and wait there for an hour during early entry rather than going right to Diagon Alley. It doesn’t matter how many times I optimize it, it tells me the same thing. Appears to be a glitch. I would just manually move your steps around to make it make sense.

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One thought I had is if you have in your plan something late in the day that can’t be moved earlier, such as a show or fireworks, etc. So now, the system will try to optimize around that one key event. If I’m right, then it would be a matter of temporarily removing that item before optimizing…and then, once you’re happy with things, add it back in to stick with evaluating from then on.

I can’t be sure…just a theory.

Maybe. It still leaves me with big breaks in the day due to the show issue (this is a “last day” plan, so has few things in it). I just moved the HP stuff to first and evaluated instead of optimized and it’s all good for me!