Touring Plan Scenario

Hi folks! I’m looking for some ideas for a good quick service that will fit well in our touring plan. Here are the specifics…we are annual passholders staying at the Poly with the Disney Dining Plan. On December 30 we have an 8:00am ADR at 'Ohana and then plan to head to Hollywood Studios and spend time there until about 1:30pm. By that time I’m guessing we will want to grab a bite to eat and don’t know where to go for a quick service meal.

The last two times were were at HS we at at the Backlot Express. I’m not too thrilled with the other options in the park, but am leaning toward Pizzerizzo as the best of the worst. Another idea is to get a quick service lunch somewhere else. Our plan is to take a break back at our hotel before heading to Magic Kingdom in the early evening for the Fantasy in the Sky fireworks.

Does anyone have any recommendations about how to solve the lunch problem? I’m open to all ideas, but really want to go somewhere that we can use quick service credits.


I would recommend Captain Cooks back at the Poly.

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What about taking the boat to Epcot, eating there, then taking the monorail back to the Poly?

If leaving HS anyway, I definitely wouldn’t eat QS there as your last activity. Any of the monorail resort QS restaurants are far better. Obviously Captain Cook’s at the Poly would be easiest and may be the best of the options anyway…

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I’ve thought of this idea as well. We haven’t really explored the world showcase’s QS offerings in the past. Any recommendations?

I also thought about heading to Disney Springs to eat at D-Luxe Burger or another of the DS restaurants. Looking at menus, it seems like their QS offerings are higher quality. The problem is getting there. Do we walk to Boardwalk and wait for the DS bus? Take a boat back to the Yacht/Beach Club area and grab a bus? Why oh why don’t buses run from the parks to Disney Springs before 4pm!?!

Disney Springs does give you a lot of good QS options and would be fun. I think it all depends on how much downtime you want in your room to rest versus experiencing Disney Springs really.

I think fastest option to DS would be bus to Saratoga Springs and then you can walk to DS from there. The most scenic option might be a bus to Port Orleans Riverside and then ride the boat from there to DS, although the boat to the Epcot resorts may be as scenic. Do note in high winds or lightning conditions the PO boats may not run so you’d end up having to bus from there…

I presume DIS uses 4PM to dissuade folks from parking for free at DS to use the parks and also because they view DS as more of a night time activity than an earlier in the day thing so it is less likely someone would be in a park and leave early for DS. Not saying they’re right, just guessing at the thought behind the process…

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We like the Boardwalk Pizza window a lot. It does take 1 QS credit. Pizza not the best we’ve ever had but fits the bill & kiddos love it, & we like sitting outside & relaxing by the boardwalk.

There’s also the Boardwalk bakery which has a lot of offerings for 1 QS credit for lunch.

It’s an easy stroll to boardwalk from HS. After a big breakfast, you might not mind waiting til about 2pm for your lunch? Also, you might be able to leave HS a little earlier than planned?

This is a great suggestion! Thank you! I’ve asked my husband before, “How do you solve a problem like Hollywood Studios?” In the future, I have no doubt it will be fantastic in the future, but right now it is difficult for us to make it more than a 1/2 day park. We had such a good time around the Boardwalk area during our last trip that walking over there and having lunch and some Ample Hills would be lovely. Thank you again for the suggestion.

I learn something new everyday. It wasn’t on my radar that Saratoga Springs was within walking distance to Disney Springs. Thank you for that great tip!

You are very welcome, Gnatjo. Actually the boardwalk lunch choices have been our own solution to the lack of good places for HS lunch.

Another solution we’ve used for that scenario, is to set up an ADR (has to be way ahead really) for lunch @SciFi. Sandwiches there are so large, we’re able to split those sometimes, plus the kiddos really love that place.

Prices aren’t much higher than a lot of lunch CS spots.

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Tangierine Cafe has great food. Japan is a beautiful location.

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