Touring plan says low crowds but Disney hotels completely booked. Can this be?

Touring plans predicts low crowds for Nov. 14 thru 18th but almost all Disney resort hotels are sold out and seems like most restaurants are booked. Is it possible to still have low crowds with everything booked?

I know, this seems odd- couldnt get discount @Dolphin in November. So I called hotel, what’s going on? Told me hotel completely booked for most of that month, didn’t have specific reason why. I’m thinking it may be the food and wine festival, so especially impacting Epcot hotels. Also, doesnt halloween party overlap into November? Have a feeling plenty of conventions choose that time of year as well.

I went to Kayak to check 1st week December, oh yeah. So I may go then. Darn Lines. I’m going to wdw more often now haha.

“I feel your pain.” We always go end of Oct/early Nov. This year I had to book at 7:02am to get a RO discount. Even before the RO offers came out, FD was scarce. And prior to THAT, getting into an MK or EP resort (that isn’t experiencing construction issues) was difficult as well.

Now, I’m having a hard time changing times for ADR’s that, in the past, haven’t been difficult to get.

A chatty CM told me they first noticed higher-than-normal of resort booking for this fall back in April. Because many resorts had already reached a certain threshold of rack-rate bookings, less rooms were offered under FD, and even fewer under the RO discount.

I personally am unsure why resort bookings are up. FD? F&W ends in early Nov? MVMCP? (mnsshp ends Oct 31 this year instead of Nov 1) Improving economy? Increased offers for international guests? 60-day fpp advantage? A&E? 7DMT?

Why aren’t people at UOR for WWOHP? :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m also bracing myself for it to be busier than anticipated during my trip the first week of November. I do wonder if this is a economic recovery thing. Maybe people just got tired of being frugal and putting off vacations. We’ll see!

I’m curious about this. WDW has around 30 hotels. How do you know “almost all Disney resort hotels are sold out”?

OP could have meant, “Almost all rooms w FD or discount are booked up the weeks I want”? Or “Rooms at the resorts I want are full for the weeks I want”? Both would pretty much describe my experience for this trip, sadly.

that would make more sense, pianominnie. maybe I was being too literal.

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I wanted to add that my crowd tracker has resort levels from 4-6, and crowd levels between 3-6 (with one odd AK Sunday 7, which still confuses me). I hope it is accurate as well and also can’t explain the difference in what it ‘feels’ like trying to book adr’s, resorts, vs what TP says ride times will be in the parks. Still, 6 used to be high for that time of year IMO.

Search for a room on for a weekend in November. Almost nothing is available. I tried Friday, Nov 7 and was surprised by the results.

The #1 thing I am reminding myself of is that most visitors don’t stay on site. So just because Disney is busy doesn’t mean the parks will be.


When we were chatting with cast members at check in at OKW last trip, they said that even during slower times of the year, it’s rare for occupancy levels at the WDW resorts to fall much below 85%. So as others have said, fear not, as most visitors to WDW stay offsite - just because the resorts are fully booked, it does not always follow that the parks will be crazy busy too.

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Just out of curiosity I plugged in the dates for my November trip (16-23) and 12 resorts, 2 villas, and FW campsites all came up as available… I’m wondering if there is some sports competition going on the first 2 weeks of Nov; that would account for lots of rooms booked, but lower impact on park crowds. May also be the F&W effect…