Touring plan says character meet isn't open during Epcot EMH, is this true?

Making our touring plan for Epcot. There will be a morning EMH of 8am on that day. We wanted to do the character meet and greet first, but it’s listed as being open at 9am on that day. If I put it first on the list, it screws up the rest of the day, making us wait an hour after rope drop.

So is this true, does the character meet and greet not open until an hour after EMH, or is this a typo that can be fixed somehow?

allears agrees with tp on this its only LLand, MSpace, Soaring, Spaceship earth and Soaring for early emh. Don’t put the character meet first on your list do either Soaring or TT first they will have the longest lines later. What ever one of S or TT you don’t ride first get a FPP for.

What if I’m going with a 3 year old, so we are only planning on riding SE?

If you don’t need EMH you might consider another day for EP. If you still go, your 3yr old may like Living with the Land. My kids have always liked that. That and SE will take some time to get to 9:00. Also, you could explore the other things in SE after you exit the ride. My kids have just sat and watched the monorail go by too.

Great tips!

Thank you for your help.