Touring Plan Room Request

Hi All, I just booked a last minute trip arriving on April 27th. Will a room request still be sent in if the information is added into touring plans less than 30 days out? Thanks!

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YAY!!! Thank you!!!

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I just filled mine out for 4/17 yesterday and got the confirmation it was sent this morning :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yeah… mine has been resent twice since I booked at 21 days out. :woman_shrugging:

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Thanks all!!!

Hi All!!!

First time staying at Coronado gran destino tower so wanted to check with y’all to see if I should request for any specific room( going on Apr 27th for 4 nights with kids 9 and 3). Thanks

We liked the higher rooms at the tower. We had room 9455 with views of Epcot and Hollywood Studios. The Tower is one of our favorites, you’ll have a great time!

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Thanks will request for higher room to enjoy some views

How was CS and what room , what view ?

We are going this week so will update once we are back

Have fun ! Pictures please :fairy::fairy::fairy:

We are almost done with our stay at gran destino in CSR and it has been super nice stay. I would definitely recommend the resort and the tower for sure, so new and neat and good restaurants within 5 mins walk at max .

The buses topped it all … touch wood we got lucky all days on either way from 2 parks on 3 days HS,MK(2 days) and will update AK tomorrow . we got 1st bus and wait ranged from 1minute to 5 minutes at most. ( we were initially looking at renting car or Uber) but gave it up. We used a private car for airport transfers and it is better than Uber with more private service and pickup at baggage carousel with no wait time. We used him after seeing his reviews on trip advisor.

I will share his details (if anyone is interested) after our trip back to airport tomorrow just to confirm we get the same excellent service on return too.

I requested 9th floor but got 4th floor ( never thought would get it but thought I might get lucky :grinning:)

Also there is Amazon fresh which can deliver stuff to the desk services below and you can go pick it up for free or bell guys deliver for $6 to your room especially would save with water, fruits,bread,milk and snacks .

We requested for microwave on first day and got it immediately and there is a fridge so it was perfect .

I would request for near elevator if possible as we had to walk around 70ft to our room from elevator and we got the parking lot view in room 467

It was nice enough for 4 of us. If anyone has any questions I would be happy to answer before I forget :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: