Touring Plan Question

I keep optimizing my plan for MK on the software. Everything I have read tells me to go to 7DMT first thing as I wasn't able to get a FP. However my touring plan is telling me different. How do I adjust this so that I can start there. I know that it will mess up the rest of my plan if we go there first that I have optimized. Any ideas on how to make that happen? We are headed there on 9/20.


I won't comment on whether "second guessing" the optimized TP is a good choice or not, but to move it to the top, simply drag it to the top of the list and then EVALUATE, not optimize. Your previous order will remain intact, with the 7DMT at the top and all of the other times adjusted.

As a note, there have been quite a few reports of 7DMT opening late (presumably due to slow start-up procedures and troubleshooting). People have reported getting there right at RD, and then waiting 45 min for it to start operating. I know the UG says to go there first, but perhaps the optimized TPs are taking this into account and NOT having you start there.

@Lentesta - can you share any light on this?


You could simply go to 7DMT regardless of what the optimizer days, remove it from your TP after you ride, re optimize and go from there. If the attraction is open at opening, the shortest waits according to TP's own data is in the first hour or less. Of course, the wild card is what else is on your plan. I can see- for example- Peter Pan possible superseding 7d although I'd imagine that even 7d would still be in the first hour. Also depends on priorities, which FPPs you have, whether or not you're there on an EMH morning, etc.

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You are there during low crowds. I will add riding at night and going through the queue is wonderful. Versus the morning, go at night after Wishes but better yet just before park close

I'd be happy to look at a specific touring plan, @CTCBFamily. In looking at the 6 different MK plans for your visit on the 20th, it looks like 7DMT is listed first on some of them, and FPP is recommended on others.

Let me know which specific touring plan you're looking at, and I'll take a gander.

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@Lentesta We are looking at the Touring Plans for Tweens and Parents. Is there a way to share the plans? If not, I have FP for PP at 9:30, BTMR at 10:30 and Splash at 11:40. Lunch at BOG at 1:25.

Thanks for the help!

Still messing with this touring plan. Would it make sense to go to 7D at RD and start my touring plan at 10 instead of park opening at 9? I would really like to follow a plan, as this is our first time there with the kids. Any help would be great, as my kids have been talking about this ride quite a bit and don't want to endure long waiting for it. Thanks!

Suggest start it at park opening, ignore the TP initially if it doesn't send you were you want to go initially and you don't want to use evaluate, then remove 7DMT from the plan once you do that, re optimize, and go along on your merry TP way.

Doesn't make sense to start the plan at 10 in my opinion as you'd likely be off to a second and maybe, maybe (depending on how you RD to 7DMT) a third before 10.