Touring Plan Question - Spring Break

We are going to be in the parks in March. We got a seven day park hopper pass. We will be there with our 5 and 7 year old. We want to see everything that we can in the seven days we will be there. We plan on spending 3 days in MK, 2 in Epcot, 1 at HS, and 1 at AK. Should I use the touring plans that are already available, or should I try to create my own?

I prefer to create personalized plans, but I also have a pretty good idea what attractions I want to see and which I’ll choose to skip. If you aren’t sure what your group will enjoy, then starting with the canned touring plans is a good idea. You still may wish to copy those to a personalized plan, then reoptimize, since that will account for ride closures and expected crowd levels during your stay.

Thanks! I know that we will skip all of the roller coasters, because my kids aren’t big fans. Other than that, we plan on trying to hit everything at the parks.

What do you think about Epcot? Do you think we should do four days in Magic Kingdom, and only one in Epcot? I just don’t want my kids to be too bored.

I would plan for 2full days at MK and 1full day at each if the others. Then park hop on your last 2 days to revisit favourites. My kids at 7/10 didn’t rate Epcot and we are not visiting it next time. We did 2 MK 2AK 1 HS and 1Ep last trip. Kids loved AK so we dropped our second Epcot day to redo. Some say AK is a half day park but there is do much non ride stuff to do we still didn’t do Everything in 2 days.

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What do you think about Epcot[/quote]

Are you planning to do character meets? If so, then there are a number of those in Epcot around World Showcase and the lines can get pretty long. Kenny the Pirate’s website has the best information on character meets, with schedules and strategies for working around the crowds.

Some families have also setup scavenger hunt type activities for their kids to enjoy in World Showcase and there’s also the Phineas and Ferb interactive game that appeals to a lot of kids (and some adults).

Also in Epcot in March will be the Flower & Garden Festival. That means no only Disney themed topiary all around the park, but also food booths (a scaled down version of the Food & Wine Festival). Take a look at what is offered there before you leave and see if you want to spend some extra time sampling foods you might not otherwise get a chance to try.