Touring Plan Question for two park passes

Is it possible to make a touring plan for all of Universal as a whole on one day, and not as two separate plans with one for each park?

We have a two park pass and plan to do Harry Potter first, then fill in whatever time is left with thrill rides for my young adults. But it seems that I can’t make one plan for both parks, which would make my having paid for it a waste.

Please help!

Sorry, you can only make separate plans. I’d just start with half a day and put in everything you want to do, evaluate, then reduce the time of your plan if needed until there’s not too much free time at the end. If you’re using Hogwarts Express to hop, put that as your last ride and with the predicted wait and the length of the trip, you know roughly what time to start your next plan. Then do the same there.


Thank you. This is so annoying.

I’ve never found it an issue to be honest.


I’m glad it has worked out for you. For me, it means making four separate plans; one for each park for Harry Potter, then one for each park for the thrill rides. I may just make the plans for HP then wing it for the rest.

It’s really not a big deal. You can’t do it for WDW, right?

What I did was just copied and pasted from the 2 plans into Word and just made a little printout.

If you want to use your Touring Plans in UOR Lines, it’s simple to switch.

You dont need 4 plans, just 2. Make a note in your plan the time you leave and return and then continue in that same park. Or just put HE in your plans if you are switching that way.

You are better off switching only twice during your 1 park day.

  • WWOHP at park 1
  • WWOHP at park 2 + other attractions at park 2
  • Other attractions at park 1

It can be annoying if you want to use the HE to bounce back & forth. I’ve had to learn to do it. I work on the plan up to where I want to go park-to-park on the HE. I put in the HE step and then pause to work on the plan for the other park.

Figure out what you want to do and when you want to bounce back to park #1. Now, you know when you should come back. You’ll have to account for the ride back on the HE. Here’s an example for an upcoming trip. You can see I start my day at USF, bouncing to IOA and then back to USF by 11:45am

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Thanks for sharing! That’s a great example for the OP of making only 2 touring plans instead of 4.

I also want to mention, @SwagMom ,using HE from approx 1-5pm you may have a fairly long wait. Park main entrance transfer is usually quicker during that time of the day.

Yeah, I’ve had to learn that too. It may not be fun marching all the way around the parks, but IME it’s still better than just standing and waiting in the HE queue when that line gets over 45 minutes. Besides, I typically see something neat on my way through CityWalk anyway

I even have a note on the USF plan that says, “Go to Hogsmeade via walk around CityWalk if HE wait is more than 40 minutes”

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