Touring Plan Problem when rope dropping and fastpass on ride

I am creating a personalized plan for our trip and there are times when I want to rope drop a ride and also ride it later with a Fastpass. However, the touring plan always forces the first time on the ride to be in the FastPass slot, even if it means an hour or more of free time before it. For example, we were planning on rope dropping Buzz’s Ranger Spin at MK and then having my daughter and husband FastPass it while my son and I use a FastPass on Space Mountain. However, it forces the Fastpass to be used on the first time we ride at rope drop and shows the regular wait time for the second ride. Also, I was testing to see how long it would take to rope drop FOP during EMH even though I plan to also FastPass it. So I put it in first, but when I evaluate the plan it has us waiting until the 9:30 FastPass time before doing anything. Why in the world does it automatically make your first ride use your FastPass? Is there any way to override that?

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Welcome! Great question

The reason TP puts your first ride as your FPP is because it defaults to the lowest wait time in a queue first. Sadly, there’s not option to turn this off.

You have to manually “trick” the TP into doing this the way you want. I find that if you put in a break between the two rides with an overlapping time it’ll do what you want. I have done so in this example -

I know SDD will have a 40+ minute queue, so I told TP I wanted a 5 minute break at 9:30am and my FPP didn’t start until 10 am.

It “works” now, but I will habitually get the message, “The plan may not get to your shows, meals or breaks exactly on time. A solution may be to select fewer attractions, to take shorter meals or breaks, or to extend your day in the park.”

So, you have to keep an eye on the rest of your day to make sure you don’t make any unintentional errors in your plan - like being late to a show or ADR

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Thanks! That took care of it. I put a 5 minute break during the first Buzz’s Ranger Spin and it fixed the problem.