Touring Plan not using EMH

On June 2nd MK has 8am-9am EMH. I have checked that I want to use this, and it shows 8am as the plan starting time.

However, when optimizing, it books nothing during this hour, as the individual rides appear to have hard coded start times of 9am.

Not every attraction is open during EMH. Could it be that?

According to touring plans then, no ride is open during EMH. Which would defeat the point of EMH.

Oddly enough, on a June 9th touring plan for MK, it works great. And that day also has EMH.

I also notice that every ride on my June 2nd EMH has a operation time attached to it.
eg: Open 8am Closes 10pm

However on my June 9th plan, there is nothing like that on each ride. So why do rides on the 2nd have specific start and stop times, but not on the 9th?

I would email Touring Plans staff to ask. There are occasionally glitches.

Edited to add the email:

Thank you. I’ve sent an email.

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