Touring plan logic with DAS pre-selected attractions?

Just curious - may be using DAS for the first time if we get approved, and I’m wondering what the best process is for choosing pre-selected attractions. I have already built touring plans for all of our park days, so my current approach is to find the longest waits (typically) in each park and prioritize those. Also, is it best to front-load your pre-selecteds as much as you can, because you can select your first one after entering the park for when those end and just smoothly continue on? But I don’t know if any of that makes sense or if I’m missing something in my logic (I probably am).

And is there any good logic for how to best use DAS in conjunction with rope drop?

Has anyone come across any touring plans someone published using DAS?

In general, we have three small kids in our group, so we’re hoping to leave the parks by 5-6 each night, and take a 2-3 hour lunch/nap break during the day, so our windows for timing on pre-selecteds is not huge. Probably like park open til 11 or so, and then 2-6.

We may use G+ on our HS studios day, but we won’t be using it the rest of the time. We have two days in EP and two days in MK, which I think will get us through, and we’re not going to be riding a lot of the headliner attractions like the coasters because none of us are crazy about them and the kids can’t. Also no character meets because we’re doing a lot of that on the cruise the following week.

I just finished getting DAS for WDW with preselects. Once you are approved via the chat/video you get transferred to someone else to chat only with and pick your preselects. They send you a form for 3 days at a time and for each day you fill in morning or evening (though this doesn’t seem to be very important) and your 3 top picks for a preselect. Once you got it filled in it goes back to the CM and you wait while they look at what is available. I think they mostly try to get the attraction over the time of day but who knows. Anyway, they then send back to you options for each of the 3 attractions. Some may have multiple possible times, sometimes only one time. You get to pick 2 of them and they will put it in your MDE. You then do the next 3 days and so on. We were lucky that we have only one day where I know we won’t be able to use one of the preselects because of other things we are doing. I waited to chat so I could do preselects for our whole trip, but I could have done it earlier and then would have had to chat again for picking the next preselects. Hope this helps.

Is it 30 days before your first park day or 30 days before your last park day, and how many advance selections can you book on that day?

And thanks, that’s really helpful for knowing what info I need to have available.

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I did 30 days before my last park day. If you did it 30 days before your first park day I think you would only be able to preselect for that first day. You then could chat each day afterwards until you did all your days.

You only can choose 2 preselects for any one day.

You’re welcome. Glad I could help a bit.

We used DAS for our trip for the first time this past summer.

While the rules for Genie+ are different than those for DAS, we used Becky Gandillon’s data from her Genie+ availability articles, the latest of which is here:

…to help us decide which two rides we would use for our pre-selects. We looked at the two rides in each park that sold out the quickest on the expected crowd level days that we were to attend, and got those as early as possible each day. It is also important to note that you can use DAS to preselect an ride not on Genie+ plus because it is an individual lightning lane purchase at no cost to DAS users, so you can use DAS to get a shorter wait for a popular ride like Rise of the Resistance.

Popular rides do have their DAS preselect reservations pushed late in the day, though, so if you don’t try to make a reservation for a ride like 7 Drawfs on the first day you can do so, you may not get a ride until later.

Also, rides that require a virtual queue like Guardians of the Galaxy are not available as a DAS selection.

Plan to get up early the day you plan your video chat. Call in the moment the lines are open, otherwise you will be holding all day, could get disconnected, then have to start all over!

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