Touring plan kids 2 days MK

I should have found this site sooner. We are going to MK next week for 2 days. There weren’t any 2 day with kids and there aren’t any COVID touring plan templates for 2 days with kids and no naps. They are 5 and 8 but 2 years ago they were able to go from opening to closing so we don’t need nap time.

What do the experts on here recommend?

Thank you!

Welcome! Ask anything & as often as needed!!

The waits have been extremely low the last few weeks. If you are going to be there before the 50th Anniversary on Oct. 1st, then IMHO, you can follow “historical” trends.

Get to RD 45+ minutes early - do two major attractions and probably a third smaller attraction in the first 90 minutes of park opening.

The next two hours - fill with smaller attractions and lunch before Noon to avoid crowds

After lunch - do shows / get off your feet for another hour and find some A/C. (11am - 2pm is the peak of ride queue waits. So you can slip into shows and other “attractions” easily.)

After 3pm you should be able to do whatever you want with minimum waits.

(I don’t work for TP, I promise, but it’s really worth the $18 to use the personalized planning features. I think the App to use in the park is “OK”. I still use paper! However, the App has access to real time “actual” waits and those are invaluable.)