Touring Plan--How to add restaurant at Another Park or Disney Hotel


How do I go about adding a restaurant in a different park or at one of the hotels? I was hoping that it could help me with the transportation options and travel times.


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Unfortunately the Touring Plans don’t have this capability, although it would be great if they did! You’ll have to estimate travel times, and add a “Break” for the full length of time you’ll be out of the park for

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Thanks. I thought that was the case. Was hoping it would help with suggestions on how to get from point A to point B.

TP does not, but we can help!

The OLP WDW Transportation Wizard will give you options and projected times for navigating between parks and resorts I believe that they also have an app as well as the website.

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I’ve found google maps with walking mode quite useful, of course doesn’t help if you’re going on yhe monorail…