Touring Plan - How do I ride twice if the second is the FP?

If we’re going on a ride twice, once at RD and once on a FP later in the day, how do I tell the system that I don’t want the RD one to use the FP? This hasn’t been a problem other years, but I’m finding I’m having trouble this year. I have the Welcome Show booked first, then I have 7DMT, which I have again later and listed as a FP. The system (Evaluate, not Optimize) wants me to hang around the park without riding anything until my 2pm FP, instead of recording that I’m in the park and have a plan set to go to the ride right away.

Is this a glitch or do I have to do a work-around? (ie: set a rest period for the first iteration of the ride)

I sometimes set a fake FPP time at RD like 9:00-9:10am to force the software to calculate a estimated wait time. It works as long as you are at the very front of the RD crowd. Otherwise it might get you behind schedule if you wait too long in line first thing in the morning.

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So you actually list 4 fpp for your plan, knowing one is fake? That could work.

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Publish a link to your TP so we understand what you mean.
When you put a 7DMT FPP into your plan, it has to be for a specific time window, and so TP won’t assume you’re using your 7DMT FPP unless your scheduled ride time falls into that window.

That’s what I thought. I had the ride in twice, once right after the welcome show and then again at my preferred FP time of 2pm. I assumed it would evaluate and adjust times based on that info, but it put in the correct time for the welcome show, then used the next item as the 2pm FP. Then by the end of our plan, things were N/A, because there wasn’t enough time for it.

I ended up taking the FP out and noting the time required for the first ride and put a rest in for that amount of time, then added the FP back to evaluate and get the rest of the plan times. But that’s a stop-gap, because times could and probably will change with 7DMT first thing and the new welcome procedure.

If you just “evaluate” then it will not change the order of any rides, so if you’re second ride is the 2 pm 7DMT, it just waits for it and puts everything after. Sounds like you might be well served by OPTIMIZING your touring plan then shuffling things around to perfect. (although maybe “Make a copy” of your TP first in case you don’t like what happens.)

Well, not really, because as soon as you move stuff, you have to evaluate to get the times and then it tries to apply my 2pm FP to the first iteration of 7DMT in my plan. Curiously, it’s never done this when I’ve doubled up on Buzz Lightyear. Hmm.

When you evaluate, it will never change the order you have the attractions in. So if you optimise, and then move 7DMT first if it’s not there already, then evaluate, it shouldn’t make your 2pm FP your first attraction.

If it does, it’s a glitch and you should email the URL of the plan to

I doesn’t change the order, but it changes the time. It sees a FPP at 2pm and puts it on the first iteration of that ride available. So I have Welcome show at 8:50, then the next item is 7DMT at 2pm.

Can you publish so we can look at it? Sometimes I get wacky things if the am or pm is not correct somewhere. You are optimizing and getting that big gap?

Aha! You see, there’s the solution… when you try to publish, so you can prove you’re not nuts, it fixes itself! It’s working now.

In hindsight, I wonder if the second iteration of 7DMT in the plan was after the 2-3 window, so it placed the first one in that window. I must have moved things around so it would now fit in that t in that timeframe, so it correctly allowed the first ride to be at 9am.



I agree with @AuntB_luvsDisney, there’s definitely something screwy. We had some things in our plan 3 times and had no issue with the FP.

Oh never mind, glad it’s sorted out.