Touring Plan help... suggestions? Hopper/FP+

I’m struggling with my touring plans. Need suggestions! Staying at BW Villas from Nov 12-21. We will have a car.

Would it be better to do HS in one day to take advantage of FP+ or split up using hopper & EMH?
Same question for AK.
Trying to figure out best (fastest) transportation options to MK from BW & Downtown?
Best way to get FP+ for Anna&Elsa in Fairytale hall at MK?


The best suggestion I can give for the Anna & Elsa FP+ would be to try for it as late in your trip as possible, i.e., the 19th. That gives you 60 days + 7, which will narrow the number of people who will have a crack at them, giving you a better chance.

Thanks Kevin_Krom! That helps.