Touring plan forcing long wait prior to ADR

Why is my optimized plan saying to wait over 3 hours for my BoG lunch after seeing a few attractions? Any setting to fix this? Yes, I know I could just move the ADR down and evaluate, but that doesn’t guarantee the optimal plan.

This usually means that you don’t have enough attractions to fill the day. Either add more or set an earlier end time for your plan.

That’s not it. I have 24 attractions scheduled that day, and it’s placing the 3 hour break after step 5!

If you have 3 hours of Free Time and you still are completing all the attractions on the list, then you don’t have enough attractions to fill the day - that’s why you have the big block of unused time.

Any way to put that at the end of my plan? That is what is happening at the other three parks. I don’t have ADRs on my TP on those plans.

Can you share it here so we can actually see what you’re seeing? May be able to advise you better.

Latest optimization has a 148 minute wait before ADR. See below for correct link.

You have to click the box to make it public. I cannot see it at this time.

I did and saved. Currently shows it is published to public.

I am getting error message “You do not have access to this plan”


You need to share the URL listed when you select it as public.

Try now. Used the url in my address bar previously.

Have you done FPP yet? I would see about getting FPP for the longer waits - 7D and PP - and see how that impacts things.

And perhaps adjust your slider to “less walking”? That may have an effect as well - right now you’re criss crossing back and forth, which may be the most efficient in terms of cutting down wait times but may impact the order of things when optimized.

Yep - the problem is not enough attractions to fill the day. The optimizer looks for the lowest wait times, not the shortest overall touring plan. Either add more attractions or set an earlier end time.

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Ok. I’ll remove fireworks and move my departure time up by 2 1/2 hours and see how that works.

My other plans have put my free time at the end of the night before fireworks and I thought that was just something that was automatically built in.


Nothing in plans is “automatic”. Everything the plan does is based on algorithms.

As a rule, I never put end-of-day attractions like fireworks in a plan - they often can help contribute to issues like this.