Touring Plan for World Showcase

Is a TP necessary for World Showcase? Every plan I put together has us bouncing from one side of the park to the other, even though I have minimize walking plugged in. Is there a reason that touring in a circle doesn’t make sense?

Or, if you have a TP that works well, would you mind sharing it? This is driving me batty :wink:

Oh, and is it better to tour clockwise or counter-clockwise?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

I can see no reason not to just work around the circle. The only thing with a big line in World Showcase is Frozen Ever After.

Do you have FP+'s for Future World attractions? Do you have an ADR or a meal planed at a certain time? Is the optimizer trying to accommodate something like that?

What I’ve done for my 2 EPCOT days coming up is let the optimizer do its best, then re-arrange the attractions and pavilions in an order that makes sense. But, we are going during the Food and Wine Festival, and planning to eat at wherever we feel like, so we don’t have any constraints to work around.

Thanks for responding. We are going during F&W (on a Monday). We will do 2 attractions in Future World while we wait for WS to open but those rides in FW are not in our TP. We have a FPP for FEA but no ADR’s for lunch or dinner. Maybe I will just need to manually adjust the plan to make sense like you did.

I got the same results in my plan so after tweaking and optimizing several times I finally put the countries in counter clockwise order ( because of the time I’m hoping to get our FEA fastpass) and then hit evaluate. Have tweaked again for the shows in American Pavilion but now just evaluating. Might copy and optimize after I actually get the FPP. 17 days!

Tweaking it seems to be the best solution. BTW, we logged in right when our FPP window open and the times available for FEA were 3:25 p.m. and later. I don’t know if your experience will be the same but thought I’d share, FWIW :slight_smile:

I made a TP that just covered the FW attractions that I wanted to do and Optimized it. I then looked at what side of the park I was on, added the WS attractions in order (in my case I went counter-clockwise as I was on the Canada side), and then Evaluated to get the times calculated. I also added each pavilion twice as I felt that 10 min was not enough time.

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Was this at 60 or 30 days?

My girlfriend and myself are going to WDW from 12/17 - 12/27. We will be spending 2 1/2 days at EPCOT, what we are doing is on 2 full days, spending the mornings in FW then going to World Showcase. What we did, since we want to see the special Holiday offerings, we are concentrating on 4 countries for 2 days, and 3 countries on 1 day. This allows us to take our time and not have to go back and forth from one side to the other. What I did was used the Evaluate button instead of the Optimize and then make adjustments as needed. The only exception we have made to this is for some of the dining we are doing, but that is not a big problem. I hope this helps.

Oh we also broke MK up by the lands and tried to stay within certain lands based on the rides or shows we are looking to do for which ever day we are in MK.

The closest thing to a TP that I have for WS is a convenient list of the live shows that day so if there are any I want to see I know when they are. The three films run “continuously”; there are not as may showings of AA, so you might want to note those times (and plan on getting there 30 min early so you don’t miss the VoL). And of course, ADRs. I don’t think there is any “better” direction to go around WS. For reasons I can’t really explain, I typically start at at Mexico and go around clockwise. Of course if I am heading there specifically for an ADR, I’ll take the shorter route.

This was at 60 days logging in and refreshing constantly until our window went live and opened up. I tried to revise our plans the next day (which was yesterday) and it showed no more availability on any day of our 7 day trip.