Touring Plan for Universal/IOA

Having spent MANY months concentrating on WDW touring plan… tweaking all the details, fine tuning everything as best as I could…finally making FP… I am now wondering if I have to do a particular plan for Universal.

We have Flex Tickets Plus, which gives us 14 days unlimited entry into
Busch Gardens
Wet n Wild

This being the big dream family holiday, it will be myself, hubby and 2 teen daughters 15 & 17.
We are staying at Royal Pacific for 9 nights, giving us the advantage of unlimited express passes, plus early entry.

We have a tour to Kennedy Space Centre booked for one day. Other than that, after spending 9 days at WDW, I am looking forward to having some relaxation poolside, as well as plenty of time to enjoy the thrill that Universal gives… plus girls are both Potter mad.
We will be travelling during Halloween… which impact our evening visits to Universal…

So, back to the main question… do you think an actual tour plan is necessary for IOA/Universal? Apparently it is so much smaller, therefore more manageable than any of the Disney parks.

Thanks for taking time to read. I have 53 days until we go, and am just starting to do my research for Universal side of things. Disney stuff took so long… I’m hoping that this side is less stressful :slight_smile:

You will love it. I would not bother making tp at all. I would plan 2 early entry days for wwohp and a late night in wwohp. HHN make dining busy so I would plan and where you want to eat those nights. I didn’t rate Jakes but loved eating food at the pool while kids watched the movies. We really enjoyed the Kitchen at HRH
With the parks DM RRR and Simpsons exp lines can get long so do either early or late. No exp for FJ, Gringotts or train so again early or late. Any questions the folks over on uni Lines chat app are really knowledge and friendly.

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As you are staying at Royal Pacific - NO - no need to make a plan. I would do WWOHP during the early entry and then just do what you want to do. The Front of Line access is AWESOME so take full advantage of that. There are just a few rides that don’t take it. We made plans for WDW but NO plans for US and I LOVED that we didn’t. It was just a lot of fun. Enjoy the NON planning!!



I am insanely jealous. You will have an amazing time with no plans whatsoever. That is all! :wink:

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