Touring plan for two special needs kids with assistance passes?

Hey there, first time posting! We’ve been to DL many times, but we are taking both kiddos with autism this time, 6 and 4. Both will have the DIS ability passes, and each allows all 4 of us to use the pass as a fast pass. (I think). Anyone have a strategy for me to get the most out of the day? For example, I know my 6 year old will want to ride Radiator Springs Racers as many times as possible. Do we get a regular fast pass, then use his pass after? If anyone has done this recently with these passes, let me know!

HI @cheesecakjensen. My now two grown sons are both on the spectrum. My youngest more affected. Before he got a bit older and more in control, we had to do what I called “Autism Ninja Techniques”. We went by his schedule and just tried our best to re-direct when pre-melt down symptoms started.

I would do what you suggested. Start with the FP then use the pass. And be ready to just throw a plan right out the window!

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we are taking 3 kiddos with problems. I have booked all our fastpasses and intend to try and use the DAS in between when needed.

Thanks! We did wdw in October and the das card was a nightmare to figure out so in trying to manage my expectations this go around :grin: