Touring Plan for Rope Drop

So I’m having trouble doing my touring plans for parks we’re going to rope drop. Right now park opens at 9, so we can get there plenty early to be ahead of the crowd. Tp always says I’ll get on at about 9:20, when I know from experience we can be done by then. It shifts my whole plan back. Is there anyway to rectify that? Or how do I plan more accurately?

If the park has a “welcome show” that happens just before they drop the ropes, you can include it as step 1 of your plan. MK, for example, does this.

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So far AK And Epcot. Anything I can do about those 2?

try adding a 1-minute break right at park open where you’re “not leaving the park”?

IDK, I haven’t pushed super hard on forcing my optimized plan to have step 1 be exactly at open - I’ve been content with it telling me that my first attraction is 10 minutes later.

Also, on the day of, if you keep up with your plan, marking attractions as “done”, it will assume the last one you marked as “done” is where you are, and re-optimize (or re-evaluate) based upon your current location.

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Ok, thanks! I never kept track last time, optimizing as I went. I just brought my print out and went down the list. Occasionally we got behind and I just skipped stuff. We went in June and I really wanted to be out if the parks by noon-1 it was just too hot and I was paranoid about my kids getting sunburned.

Yeah, optimizing as you go really is the most time-conscious way to tour. It can also take into account things that are reported down and help you adjust your plan.


Like EpcotTP has me Rd Soaring and 2nd Nemo at 10:02. I know it won’t take me an hour to RD Soarin.

Could you see what happens if you add a 3-minute breakfast step at Sunshine Seasons?

Funny! That extra step made everything a bit earlier! Not much but a bit, I’ll work playing with it a bit. It hadn’t dawned on my adding a step would help. Thank you!

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It’s all about teaching the system where you are in the park. Sometimes those extra steps make all the difference!

If you’re going to Rope-Drop non-Pandora attractions in AK, try a “breakfast” at Yak&Yeti local or Harambe Market (corresponding to EE and KS as your first attraction).

If you’re going to rope-drop Pandora, especially Flights of Passage, there’s no way to game the system for a “faster” ride on those - still just not enough of the right data.

Interesting, thank you!,

MouseGirl42 - Sorry to jump on your reply but you seem to know what to do with the app once in the park… - I have modified our plans rather than fully optomised by touring plans… If we are in the park once we have done step one and moving on - do you think I should optomize or evaluate ? Would evaluate still use latest data to tell us how we are doing to plan? Sorry to ask - I don’t want to find out once there that I am doing something wrong as I am figuring I will so busy I won’t have time to stop and ask on forums!!

So historically I have not messed with the actual Touring Plan itself while in the park. I either memorize it or just put it into my notes app. Years ago I wrote it down on paper. However, based on a number of recent comments by the staff here I believe the recommended advice is to optimize while in the park. I certainly don’t think you need to after each step, but if you are starting to get “off” from the plan due to your own circumstances (bathroom break, etc) or weather or unexpected downtime at a specific attraction, “optimize” your plan to get back on track.

There seems to be a lot in flux as far as wait times go, due to unpredictable staffing/capacity levels, unexpected downtime and changes in crowd patterns that are making the TP calculations less accurate. The team seems to be constantly coding to work these changes in, but optimizing day-of is your best bet.

I’d probably try evaluating first, unless you’re finding you’re way off plan. Then if it’s forecasting that the new estimates are going to be a lot worse you could optimize. I know when i made my plans though that for parts of them I’m flexible on moving pieces around but i don’t want the entire day 100% shuffled which optimize would do.

You can “evaluate” first - it should jump things up to where you are in your plan and the park (presuming you’ve marked things as done).

Optimizing every few steps though will do things like pulling an after lunch ride to before lunch if you have extra time, put a new attraction in place of one that’s gone down, and so forth. It’s super useful for keeping you on track or putting you back on track.

Just remember that evaluate will only tell you times based upon your current lineup - including what’s before and after a planned break/stop/meal and will not reorder anything.

Personally, I’ll be hitting optimize every 3-5 attractions.

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