Touring plan for Magic Kingdom - FP suggestions?

So my TP suggests using FP for Mine Train, Winnie the Pooh, Enchanted Tales and Tinkerbell. I’m not sure if those are best uses. I want to walk onto 7DMT since we’ve never experienced the queue, and we’ll be coming from a pre-park opening ADR. Would anyone mind looking at our plan and giving feedback? our FP day is tomorrow! Thanks!

I can’t do character meals in 45 min personally, so that would put me behind for 7DMT right from the beginning.
Enchanted Tales with Belle is a good FP since the interaction itself is on the longer side. This plan also has you zig zagging a bit and you’re spending a lot of time walking. Have you let the program Optimize for you?

That is a day that has the Early Morning Magic, which means people can start riding Winnie the Pooh and 7DMT long before you get done with your meal. That day is CL 5. But if you don’t mind the wait, especially as a way to experience the standby queue, then go ahead with your plan! I wonder if using FPP for some of the things would let you regroup attractions to reduce the amount of repeated back and forth walking?

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I think given the EMH that morning the 7DMT wait is off by a good deal. One suggestion to keep this plan would be to ride 7DMT first and then show up a little late to your ADR.

Not an Early Morning Hours (for on-site guests), but a paid event, Early Morning Magic. Opening is still at 9:00 for most people. They won’t be able to ride the EMM rides until closer to normal RD.

It’s not an Extra Magic Hours morning, it’s Early Morning Magic. Understandable confusion… The EMM is a ticketed event in which the CMs make sure nobody except those with EMM tickets get to ride 7DMT, Pooh or Peter Pan before 9 A.M. We are going in October, and I worry that they will change the days of EMM (again) so that our pre-RD ADRs are less useful. That’s the whole point of a pre-RD ADR, right? Getting into an almost empty park and getting to be first in line for a big attraction!

ahh good catch! My brain has decided to be frazzled today, I apologize. Well then let me revise my thoughts on your plan. How interested are your children going to be to meet all the characters at CP? Would they be okay with leaving before you had a chance to meet them all, if you were done your meal?

My understanding is that the crowds from the Early Morning Magic mornings have had minimal impact on wait times. In fact, I think the biggest complaint I’ve read is from people saying they can’t get the empty Main Street pictures anymore.

I hate to say this because working on TP’s can take a lot of effort and thought, but…it seems the zig-zagging is taking away your precious time!
Here’s a thought…stick to Fantasy Land then head to Tomorrow Land;

  1. CP
  2. 7DMT (the wait will be long, but (hopefully) fun 4 you in the queue)
  3. Winnie
  4. Under the Sea
  5. Enchanted Tales (FP+)
  6. Monsters Inc
  7. SM (FP+)
  8. Buzz
  9. Carousel of P
  10. Mickey’s Faire
  11. Tink (FP+)

Good luck getting your FP’s tomorrow!!! :slight_smile:

Oops, I meant EMM not EMH- stupid acronyms ha ha!
TP actually had that exact order when it optimized - I was the one to move Mine Train. I don’t remember where they originally placed it. I didn’t like the zigzagging either! Thanks for the suggestions!

What I might do is get an FP for 7DMT for our second MK day just in case we don’t get to walk on. We just really want to experience the queue! I plan on doing this on our second day as well to experience the queue for Peter Pan.