Touring Plan for Epcot - totally off my game

This Epcot touring plan with WS and FW opening at the same time is throwing me for a loop.

This is where I am, and it just feels disorganized. Right now, I have the countries schedule for 30 minutes each as a buffer to grab some snacks and such from favorite spots and F&G booths. Our plan is to snack all day. So we don’t have specific meal locations or times to worry about.

Anyone have any suggestions on ways to clean it up a bit? I’m so used to the old way of doing all of FW and then just spending the afternoon meandering through WS. Right now, coming from a DS hotel, I am planning to enter at IG. However, I have an idea that might work for us to enter from the main entrance. Anyone think that would be a better option?

ETA just had the idea of basically removing all of WS with the exception of GF and FEA. Hmmmm…

I’ve been to Epcot twice since re-opening and it was very hard to plan. Hit a headliner (FEA, Soarin, TT–if it’s open) first thing. Hit a ride or two after that, then countries, then back to rides. Waits tend to go down in the late afternoon.


Doing all of Epcot in a single day is pretty much impossible without skipping a bunch of stuff. Usually WS gets the short end of the deal when kids are involved.

If you are going to skip things, here are my suggestions.

First, take out Test Track and Figment. (Well, Figment is usually a walk-on, so I’m only suggesting it if it interferes with your walking/flow.) Test Track, frankly, isn’t all that fun (except for the short bit outside), and certainly not worth messing up the rest of the schedule over.

Since you are coming in from IG, I suggest tackling the park in a clockwise fashion, starting at The Land, then The Seas, Spaceship Earth, Mission Space, and then head into WS.

With Epcot so big, I feel it is best to create a plan that prioritizes walking over waiting…so don’t be afraid of a few extra minutes in line to avoid things like you have now where you trek over to TT and then back.

Another option is to reverse it. Start in WS and go counter-clockwise, saving FW until later in the day, when most people are starting to migrate into WS. I’d make a plan doing it both ways, and see what the wait times look like.


Oh, my goodness, this is the first time I’ve seen this sentiment on this forum, and I had been editing myself to not say how much Test Track’s popularity just baffles me. My husband really dislikes it; he complains, “I drive a car faster than that every day.” We rode it when it was new. I used to ride it when I would go to WDW with my friends, but not with my family because it was such a snooze fest. Doesn’t sound like it has really changed since then.

Anyway, back to the topic: my plan for touring Epcot is to stop and smell the roses as much as I want. I cannot wait to see that park again after 15 years!

The Cars themed version in DCA is far superior!! Riding through Radiator Springs is really amazing. :slight_smile:


Now, that’s a theme! I would love to ride that. That makes sense!!! Someday I’ve really got to go to Disneyland.

I liked the original Test Track far more than the newer “Tron-esque” version. At least the original seemed kind of sort of educational.

If there isn’t much wait, I’ll ride it. But really, it needs to be completely re-done!

Thanks for the thoughts - For this trip, I’m adults only so definitely keen to get to WS and the food booths ASAP.

I like the idea of heading to FW first using your clockwise approach. I am NOT a huge fan of Test Track, and fully planned on skipping out until a coworker, in front of my travel buddy, expressed how it is just their favorite! (I mean c’mon). We could just plan to hit it at close, though, instead of factoring it into the part of the plan I actually care about.

I might put that clockwise approach into place manually and then evaluate to see where I am. I don’t mind extending the wait times a bit if it means I confidently separate the two and not really double back and forth between WS and FW.


You can probably just skip Epcot The Experience as well. 15 minutes for something that won’t be a reality for a couple more years isn’t the best use of time.

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Was kind of wondering the relevance since so much of the Epcot overhaul has been delayed.

Thanks for the feedback and suggestions. I think I’ve got something that’s workable at this point. It seems I’m going to start the day w/ FEA and WS, which makes since with the late start because we’ll be near the food booths to snack our way through lunch.

I’ll stick to the times on my plan and head over to FW at the suggested time, and then since I’m finishing up FW well before close, we can head back to WS To either double up on favorites or follow up on things we haven’t done.

PHEW - some of the changes are kicking my old habits to the curb for sure.

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