Touring Plan for EPCOT Flower & Garden - Any Thoughts?

I have been working on a plan for the EPCOT Flower and Garden Festival for my parents - they are going to be in Orlando this coming week and decided they want to go for the day. So I snagged some last-minute FPPs and an ADR for them, and have been working out a plan. Because that’s what Liner’s do. They are late seventies/early eighties and still very active, but nevertheless I set the walking speed at Very Relaxed and didn’t cram it with tons of stuff like I usually do. :wink:

Any any rate, please take a look and let me know any thoughts/advice you have.

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Looks good to me, creative use of the add-a-break feature to allow them to explore around WS without panicking that they have to stick to a plan. Although my (also elderly - 77 yo) mom would be VERY offended by the plan title (and I’d probably name it that anyway just to annoy her lol).

Looks good to me - depending on your parents level of interest, the Disney food blog has all the menus and pictures posted for all the food booths

That was never my intention… :wink:

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Thanks for reminding me about that!

I have been perusing all the things because it is my first year going. There’s the food and wine app that had the menus on it too if they are tech savvy.

My ma -age 74- says: “don’t make your parents watch those &%$/! papayas growing on Living with the land. It’s boring, go to soarin’ instead. Or the Lion King movie.” Well, awesome planet movie now… :grin: