Touring Plan for a Friend's Short Trip

Thanks! Yeah, I’m not thinking they’ll actually want to do Pirates…but they can if they want. I’m hesitant to tell her exactly what rides to do, you know? Fantasyland is pretty much a no-brainer but then…up to them how they want to spend their day. And she can’t do mobile ordering because she has gluten and egg allergies and her daughter has gluten. So there’s that. :slightly_frowning_face:

Update: I talked to her last night for awhile. They are set on 1 day each at MK, EP, and AK. But they are now going to take a midday break at MK, so yay! She really wants to see the fireworks. So the new plan is to be there at like 8:15 in the morning, go do Fantasyland, eat lunch in the park (maybe at BOG) or bring lunch (like I said, I don’t want to completely micromanage her trip for her so have to leave her some freedom!). Then they’ll leave for awhile. They’ll either go back to their resort or just drive around and hope the 5-year old takes a nap in the car (she doesn’t normally nap and won’t sleep during the day unless there’s the motion/noise of a vehicle, plane, etc.). If she falls asleep then they may just drive around until they’re awake and then go back. If they make it back to the resort then they’ll be back closer to dinnertime.

So, that being said…suggestions for evening order of things? What time do crowds begin to thin out? They pretty much want to do Fantasyland, meet some characters, and do some of the “not so girly” things, too (like maybe the Speedway) for DS3. Maybe they could time a ferry ride with fireworks so they’re not battling the post-fireworks monorail crowd?

They won’t RD Epcot the next day but will go around 10 or so to leave time for a later start since they’ll be up late the night before. They will also leave after their FEA FPP from 5-6 so they can get a good night’s sleep and pack so they can be ready to check out before they head to AK the next day.

@SillySamsMom if she does a FP for Belle instead of Small World then should they also try to ride Small World first? I mean before Belle? Are the waits for meeting Ariel longer than the waits for the ride? Anyway they may FP three of those since they’ll be leaving after lunch now, if she ever gets her tickets linked!

In my experience yes. Did you plug it into a plan and let the system make suggestions?

I can’t speak for Ariel v. the ride, but another thing to keep in mind for Belle v. Small World is that Small World’s queue is indoors and Belle’s is not (though it is covered, at least at the end) – depending on how hot it is mid-April (I’ve never been at that time of year), that might make a difference which one I would fastpass.

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Maybe suggest that they bring snacks, water &/or even sandwiches for the kiddos to eat.

@SillySamsMom no, I haven’t had time today yet and was waiting on all of you to wake up and let me know, haha. (I live in Russia right now so am waking up when you’re all going to bed.)

@dunegirl good point! Indoor queues are probably almost always preferable!

@carthy15 yes, I have suggested that they bring some of their own food/snacks. I’m sure they’ll eat out some, but granola bars and a water bottle can go a long way! Thanks!

I can’t speak highly enough about the powers of a touring plan. Plug in the rides, and let the system optimize the plan for you.

Also, TP has some historical data somewhere that shows which are likely to have Day of fast pass availability. I don’t think belle is highly likely but IASW probably is, as is dumbo and barnstormer.

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The problem is that she doesn’t have TP and won’t get it. So I can tell her what she “should” do, but there are likely to be detours and potty breaks and kids who don’t want to do a certain ride and so on. So she’ll have to wing it after that. I’m just trying to give her a general idea about what to do and when so that she gets to the important stuff first and can have FP available later in the day for the others. I’ll switch and recommend a FP for Belle but still have her do Peter Pan, Small World, and Winnie the Pooh first thing, I think.

I would still create a touring plan set to the slowest walking speed. You can also print it out for her. But I do understand what you are saying… the benefit of the touring plan would be to help you help her pick which fast passes she should get and when.

It might make sense on a CL 5 day to hold off fast passes until 11. Do 11,12,1. This is what the touring plan can help determine. It’s super hard to plan to plan for other people. I hope she appreciates your time and effort!!

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I think she does. She even said that she made fun of everyone she knows who’s spent lots of time planning their WDW trips and now she’s eating humble pie, wishing she’d done more planning herself. But has no time right now due to circumstances. I’m glad to help her!

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