Touring plan for 4 day trip

We are arriving at Disney Wednesday Sept 12th and staying until Monday Sept 17th. We are not planning on using park tickets on our arrival date since it would be dinner time by the time we get to the hotel. Our plan was to visit MK on Thursday, we have an 8:05 breakfast at BOG that day and we will spend 1/2 day at MK friday for Early morning hours then park hope to HS around 12. We have a fantasmic dining package with dinner at 3:55. We would like to do the shows and headliners at HS as well as Fantasmic. We will then RD saturday at Epcot, possibly park hopping to Animal Kingdom to see it at night. Sunday is our AK day and we will RD there but we may be doing the Halloween Party Sunday evening at MK.

Is this a good plan? Feeling overwhelmed and feeling that 4 days won’t be enough time. I am having a hard time being willing to take a break in the afternoons and miss so much time. My kids are 3, 9, 14 and 15. I feel the younger ones will need a break but the older ones won’t want to leave.

Also struggling with times for fast passes on the early morning on Thursday at MK since we will be in the park so early and may get to do seven dwarves and a few others so early.

Also needing recommendations for fast pass times at HS on Friday afternoon/evening. I would like to use them as early as possible in order to get more day of if needed. I know it’s a lot but any suggestions? Feeling overwhelmed.

It looks like you have a good start. I’m assuming you are on property, so getting the FPs you want for a Sept trip would be easily doable. My worry would be for a 3 & 9 yr old staying until park close and then doing rope drop the next day, but you know your kids better than anyone and I think it could easily be done.

With kids those ages I would divide and conquer taking turns with your DH on who goes back early. Maybe let your 9 year old do one or two full days woth the older ones but not all.

There’s a good chance the little one would nap in the stroller… would that eliminate the need to leave the park if that happens?

I think even the older kids will appreciate a break to go back and swim. It will be very hot in september.
sounds like Thurs you could take a break for sure, or if there is a MNSSHP party that night which would close the park early, you could just plan for a short day at MK since you are coming back the next morning. If you have an 8:05AM BOG you will be there early and could probably leave before or after the afternoon parade.
Fri there probably won’t be time for a break
Sat you could do a break b/w EP and AK
trying to RD AK on sunday AND do the MNSSHP that night is ambitious. you would definitely need a break in between.

Is your BOG reservation pre-RD? If so, you’ll get a good head start on touring, since you can hit up 7DMT before the crowds get there. We did that a couple years ago, and it was awesome! We did both 7DMT and Peter Pan before anyone else got back to Fantasyland.
By doing that, you eliminate the need for two highly-sought-after FPs. Are you sure you want to use FPs at MK that day? Maybe you could get something good at HS?

Yes our BOG reservation is at 8:05. Ive heard you can get a good start and ride 7 dwarves and peter pan, but also heard that it really isn’t guaranteed so I thought it would be better to go ahead and get the fast pass and then cancel them later if we need to so we don’t risk not getting to ride. We aren’t going to HS that day, but would the fast passes be better used on Big thunder or Splash? My plan was to do 7 dwarves, peter pan, then head to splash and big thunder… then use fast passes for space and enchanted tales with belle. But I was going to reserve 60day fast passes for 7 dwarves and peter pan anyway. Should I not? We are using child swap to our advantage by booking fast passes for different attractions for my husband and I and then switching. So we can get double the fast passes since my 3 year old can’t ride alot of the larger rides.

So, a couple of points, here.
First, I’ve heard conflicting reports on whether you can use rider swap like that. I’d say, if you do, you risk not being able to fastpath everything with your group. There are a lot of threads out here about it - and other folks are MUCH more experienced with it than I am… I’d just warn you to be aware of potential issues, there.
Second, Space and Enchanted Tales are great use of FP… especially ETWB. I don’t know which of the other two MTN rides are better - I’d be inclined to chose Splash since that’s the one that goes down more often. But really, the best thing to do is make a custom touring plan and see what THAT says.
Finally, I don’t think you really need to worry about getting 7DMT and PP out of the way in the morning. You’ll be there before the crowds, unless you dilly-dally at breakfast. I totally get wanting to play it safe, though, with fastpasses. And really, I haven’t been there since the new opening process… maybe that impacts how quickly folks get back to those rides. When we went, they had to hoof it all the way from the main entrance, and we easily just walked on.