Touring Plan Feedback

Hi folks! I’m looking for feedback on my January 1st touring plan. I’m worried about starting the day with Splash Mountain and being soaking wet the rest of the day. We have never been to Disney and I’ve read mixed things about how wet you can get on Splash Mountain. Thoughts about making it the first ride of the day? Any suggestions about where to move it? We already have our Fast Passes and ADR for 1900 Park Fare. Thank you for your feedback!

I can’t argue with the order it gave you as being the most “logical” order based on what’s in your plan. It’s possible you could skip that step and play it by ear; if it’s a chilly or wet day, you probably can ride it later with relatively minimal waits, or potentially get a 4th FP for it. If it’s an absolute must do for you though, and you don’t want to have to wait for it, i would keep it in the morning and either poncho up or bring a change of clothes just in case (although generally, especially in winter, you don’t get all that wet on Splash most times, especially if sitting in the back).

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If you sit in the back, you will get minimally wet on Splash Mountain. We only got a few drops of water on us. Even in the front I don’t think you get as wet as on Kali River Rapids. I agree to playing it by ear and seeing what the weather is like. The line will probably not be as bad in January for it.

Thank you! I really don’t want to miss out on the ride, but I also don’t want to start our day off getting soaked. I don’t mind a light sprinkling, but I don’t want to be drenched from head to toe.

One thing I didn’t add because I wasn’t paying attention to the date of your plan: Disney will absolutely extend the close past the current 9pm. So since you’re taking a good long break with your ADR, I would consider riding Splash when I come back after dinner.

Also just noticed you put in your plan to eat at 11:30 and the plan has you not eating until nearly 12:30 for some reason…

I was wondering about the early close time as well. I figured with the previous late night that they might actually hold at 9pm, but it would be great if we get more time! I’ll have to check the lunch time. I know planning to eat at 12:30 is a bad idea, but I hate to take time mid-morning to eat when we could hit more rides with lower ride times.

Splash can be highly variable - I’ve ridden with barely any water hitting me and I’ve been relatively drenched as well. Where you’re sitting and the weight distribution of the flume matter quite a bit. In cold (or maybe not hot) weather they don’t run the extra “sprays” so it’s really only the big drop to soak you.

I’d suggest dressing in clothes that wick water well and you’ll be fine even if soaked as you’ll dry fast. The other option is to poncho up for the ride just to be sure. I wouldn’t wear jeans or other clothes that won’t dry though as that’s a great way to be miserable for a long time if you do get wet…