Touring Plan Evaluation?

Would anyone be willing to take a look at my TPs for our MK day? I’m most interested in hearing thoughts about the morning - does this seem like the right number of attraction for EMH before RDing Adventureland etc.?

I do Disney every other year with my high school students, and this March my parents have generously offered to take my family, including my husband and our three kids - 5, 7, and 9.

We’re planning one MK day for all seven of us. I have a slightly different plan for my older/taller daughters and my husband (Space instead of Belle etc.) and this is the plan for my 5 year old, me, and my parents. My parents are in their 70s so I’m trying to include as much as possible so that they can either ride with us or watch. My mom said she’s going to give Splash a go since my grandma did Space at 80!

A couple notes:

  • It’s a morning (8am) EMH day
  • The afternoon break is non-negotiable but the timing can be changed
  • I’m going to try my darndest to modify the Peter Pan FP to earlier if possible.
  • Everything between our last FP and Tomorrowland Terrace for the Fireworks Dessert Party is more or less up for grabs as I’m going try to grab as many additional FPs as I can from a list of everybody’s priorities. I just want to make sure we get HM in there at some point.
  • In terms of meals, we have a 12:10 at BOG and for breakfast I’ll probably run over to Gaston’s and grab a cinnamon roll to split while my husband tries to make a teacup spin fast enough to fly. And then we’ll make a pit stop at Sleepy Hollow for waffles a bit later.

We’re also doing another half day at MK with just my husband and kids where we’ll hit BTMR and SDMT and (sigh) it’s a small world (unless I can convince my 9 year old its broken).

How do the waits change if you put teacups between buzz and Barnstormer/Dumbo?
I’m just thinking of making the order more like the order you’ll find them in.
Then if you make your way from Barnstormer/Dumbo to adventureland you could maybe pop into IASW or HM on your way there if it turns out that you have time.
Or, if I can suggest riding Barnstormer a few times in a row while you’re there, that’s always a fun way to spend quiet EMH IMO!!

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Pretty much exactly the same - but that makes more sense from a walking standpoint, thanks!
And seriously - we could probably plan an entire Disney trip that is just never ending Barnstormer rides and the pool at POR. My 5 and 7 year olds would be in heaven (and as long as I get on HM at least once and get a Dole Whip I’d be happy too).

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It looks pretty solid. :+1: The walking isn’t extreme. You have breaks well planned out with some extra free time before lunch. I’m assuming you’ll start looking for a 4th, 5th… FPP as soon as you use the first 3, Have fun!

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That’s the plan - my kiddos each picked out their top 3 and we’ll try to FP as many in the 4th, 5th etc. spots as we can over two days

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Looks like a great day.

I’d be worried that your break will be a lot of walking for a short downtime. It seems that you’d want at least 4 or 4.5 hours if you are counting the minute you step off the last ride as the start of the break and starting the next queue as the end of the break as travel time from attraction to resort can be an hour (for POR, I’d say best case scenario is 45 min). Consider bathroom on way out/walk to bus/wait on bus/ride to POR/go around loop/ walk to resort room (or same steps with car but monorail to TTC and tram to car). I’m not suggesting that you should abandon the break, but that you might want to lengthen it. I’m not a big break fan for this reason (but we also never go in the summer with long park hours and stifling heat). Just something to consider.