Touring Plan Evaluation Please!

This trip will be my 18 year old daughter and me. We will be celebrating her graduation and a milestone birthday for me. :wink:

Please be firm but kind!

On Day 1 you are first doing a lot of Future World, then doing Norway/Mexico, then back to SE and SoaT, then going around World Showcase counterclockwise, and finally back-tracking to Morocco for dinner. I would suggest moving your SE FPP a little earlier so that you can finish FW completely then do WS in a clockwise direction so that you finish up closer to Morocco, which will cut down on some walking. Also, as you only have 10 minutes in each WS pavilion you will really be flying through it and might not be able to enjoy the experience - however, you do have 31 min of free time before dinner so you have a little bit of slack to allow for more time in the pavilions.

On Day 2 you have huge blocks of free time, which means that you can add a lot more attractions to fill up the day.

On Day 3 you also have a bit of free time (not as much as Day 2) so you can probably add some more attractions.

Thank you. I will see if I can change FPP times.