Touring plan emails of conversations

I have been surprised to receive emails from touring plans that show the response to something I posted. I am glad that I hAve not posted anything risque because it would be embarrassing if anyone else saw that. But I am not happy about getting these extra emails. Can I shut the emails off?

If you go into your 'profile', then into 'preferences', you can uncheck the box for 'receive an email when someone replies to your post, quotes you, or mentions your @username'

Thank you. There doesn't seem to be a way to shut off emails from TP when I haven't logged on recently. Is there?

I think if you uncheck the box that says 'When you don't visit the site, send an email digest of what's new', that should stop any emails if you don't log in for a while.

There's an option under this box to choose weekly, two weekly etc, but you can also just uncheck the box.

PS Think your responses are viewable to the wide world

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La Cava is private and only TP subscribers can see posts there. The other categories are open to anyone who stumbles across them and will show up in Google searches. That's why the more personal threads with family photos and trip reports are mostly in La Cava.

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