Touring plan doesn't require FPP

We are off to the World at the end of October and have been creating personalised touring plans in advance of booking fast passes. I have noticed that most of my plans predict short waits and as such don’t suggest or want to use FPP when I put them into the plans. One example is Animal Kingdom where I anticipated needing fastpasses for EE, KRR, KS but the touring plan says not. My question is is this OK or should I still book FPP. Thanks in advance.

most say trust the TP but I would go ahead and get them for the attractions that you are sure you want to do and usually have a wait. My thought is I might not need it but I can change it in the park or do it twice. My family likes to have no line so a FP for something with a 15 minute wait would be worth it for them.

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You should definitely still book FastPasses. I found that there are a few tricks that help convince the TP software to use your FastPasses.

  1. Make sure you’ve added those attractions to your plan in addition to adding them as FastPass choices. You need both for it to work.
  2. Make sure you used military time. It won’t use a FP that it thinks is for 2 am.
  3. Add more attractions or shorten the hours of your plan so that it doesn’t just lump everything at the beginning or end.
  4. Sometimes slowing down the walking speet can help too.

Hopefully others will chime in with more advice. Also, you can always email staff for individualized help.


Thanks for the advice, sounds like I should definitely book FP. I will probably look at the times we are scheduled to be at attraction and book for that time. I needn’t necessarily update the plan, I can just note them down when they are booked.

Here’s my topic on using PTPs with FPP Making Optimized Personalized Touring Plans with FastPass+

Since the Optimizer isn’t recommending anything, I would just follow the steps but just choose the attractions that have the longest wait time. Or the ones that you really want to make sure that you do. Definitely put whatever you book in the plan and re-optimize, as it might result in an even better plan :smile:

Thanks @brklinck really useful advice.

It might be helpful to post the link here to your specific plan, so we can all look at it. I forgot to put this as a “sticky” on the forums. Thanks for using the site!

Hello @len. Here is the link to the touring plan:

It does suggest FPP now, but only for shows, which I’m not convinced will be the best use. I would rather be on the safe side and book FPP for the big draw attractions recommended on your tips and advice page and in the UG.

All the touringplans resources have been invaluable in planning our once in a lifetime trip, so thank YOU!

Ah, thanks!

OK, the wait time for Everest was 5 minutes on your same date in 2013, at the time your plan has you arriving. So our low estimate for EE before official park opening seems reasonable. Same thing with Primeval Whirl - lines will be very short for those.

Similarly, the actual waits for the Safaris were 20 minutes or under through 10 AM.

I’m slightly less confident about Dinosaur, only because its waits are up with FPP. But every time I’ve tried to go against a touring plan and our models, I’ve been wrong. (I have some funny stories where I thought I knew better.) So maybe don’t listen to me. Plus it’s first thing in the morning, so there won’t be any FPP riders to delay the standby line.

If you wanted some peace of mind, you could get a FPP for Safaris from 9:30 to 10:30. Maybe a backup EE FPP for 10:30 to 11:30. Even if you don’t need them, you’ll sleep better.

That sounds like a very good way forward @len! Thanks again for the advice.

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