Touring plan confusion

Is there a good reason why I feel like I need a college degree just on how to develop a Disney World touring plan? What am I doing wrong here?? It has me riding rides at 4:30am and is putting my breakfast reservation at like midnight, when I have input it at 7:40am(just for example). This is my first trip to plan, any advice is appreciated!

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Can you post the link for it (make sure it isn’t private) did you make sure that start times and end times are correct? And that you are properly indicating am and pm

I’ve found sometimes my dining reservation gets shifted around when I first make a personalized plan. It doesn’t always happen, but sometimes moves. Usually, if I reset the time and reoptimize, then it goes back to the correct place.

As for the oddball times, I’ve also found if I have too many things in my touring plan, that the extra attractions will be scheduled outside of park hours. If you look at the totals at the bottom of the plan and see zero free time, then this is likely the case. If so, then start removing lower priority attractions and reoptimizing until; everything fits.


Trust me — Very confusing! I’ve been messing with it for months !! Now I have 3wks so I gotta get it done this week! FML