Touring Plan Collapsed!

Saturday, February 8. I’m at the Adventureland bridge, 3 people back from the actual rope.

Heard the welcome show; rope drops and we start marching in. I got to the cutoff at Aladdin, and went through towards Big thunder Mountain.

Cast member stops a handful of us cold. "You need to wait for the other group to pass so you all go in together. Also, this side of the park is having a delayed opening. Big Thunder is currently NOT OPERATING.

OK, my next step was Haunted Mansion. I hoofed it over there and was greeted by a line of cast members dressed in black, Haunted Mansion was also DOWN. First two steps of the touring plan torpedoed in the first ten minutes.

Sprinting back to Fantasyland, 7 Dwarfs was already over an hour; by the time I doubled back to Space Mountain, that was over 90 minutes and stayed that way all day.

Buzz Lightyear was only a ten-minute wait, and the Peoplemover was deserted, so I rode both of those. (Good thing I did, too. PM broke down later in the day - I have pictures of people walking on the tracks.)

In any case - even on a crowd level 6 day, Big Thunder and Haunted Mansion stayed over 90 minutes all day. I never did stand in line for either one. And because they were my first two stops, I had fastpasses elsewhere for later in the day that I didn’t dare cancel and reschedule.

My final takeaway though - Disney KNEW the attractions were down. It would have been nice if they told us at the Adventureland bridge long before rope drop that day.


Reading multiple threads about unexpected ride closures. My plan B is to spend the idle time focused on Disney details, such as hidden Mickeys. Thanks for sharing. We Liners have learned to expect air holes in our Disney bubble, but with all the (positive) changes it’s about time we plan for a complete burst.

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I agree. Would be nice to say it at RD. Strange the entire land was closed.

I read reports of power outages at several WDW resorts recently. I wonder if part of MK was affected in some way?

Well, that’s frustrating. That’s almost exactly our usual route at RD. And, you had to circle the entire park to find this out. Doubleplusungood.

I didn’t get to ride PM at all on our last visit, though we were at MK twice. I wonder if it’s just getting to the end of its useful lifespan? Did you happen to notice if AO was open? I never was able to ride it, either. Hope the rest of your visit was better!

That really sucks that they couldn’t have told you that at RD. We tried to RD EE once and the CMs at the ropes told everyone on approach that it was down. Have everyone the opportunity to reassess and go somewhere else (albeit by the time we got to the Asia rope and doubled back, FoP wasn’t a good option).

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