Touring Plan check

Hi! I’m very weary of my touring plan for Thanksgiving week…what’s the email address of the manager of the site to double check?



Are you asking for someone to look over your choices or are you experiencing an error with it? In either case if you set it to public and post the link here it can be reviewed.

If you have problems with or questions about your PTP, then e-mail explaining your issues and giving the plan URL. They usually respond pretty quickly.

What’s the issue??

Thanks for the replies! I’m just very curious about the low wait times on Thanksgiving and the day after for particular rides, even though the MK and EP will be at 9’s.

When trying to evaluate PTPs I like to look at the projected wait time graphs for the attractions on the day in question - this helps me decide if something is looking strange or not. Check out

Perfect! Thanks! :slight_smile:

Problem solved? Which shirt waits caught your eye? Curious now.

Looking at the projected wait time graph confirmed that the waits won’t be as long if I follow the TP.
@Sam2071 I was especially curious about

  1. Pirates of the Carribean - 7 minute wait at 10:30 AM on Thanksgiving Day
  2. Jungle Cruise - 10 minute wait at 10:45 AM on Thanksgiving day as well!

What do you think?

Whenever questions like that come up for me, I usually look at the wait times for the same timeframe on the previous year. In this case, you can rewind to the wait times for Thanksgiving in 2013. You can see not only what was predicted but what actually happened. Looking at last year’s graph, Pirates And Jungle were around 15min or less at around 10:30. So, seems your predicted waits are in th ballpark.