Touring Plan Changes?

I have not received recent notifications of crowd calendar changes; however, today, when I evaluated my plans for this weekend, weight times significantly increased. Anyone know if there’s an issue today? I do have walking speed set to very relaxed (to account for bathroom breaks, etc.) but it’s predicting a 55 minute wait at rope drop for Test Track (up from about 25 minutes) on Saturday (CL 8) and 53 minute wait for PP on Sunday (CL 5). Is this normal? I don’t recall this drastic of a change on our last trip, but definitely not this close to the trip. We leave tomorrow night and had everything printed out, ready to go. Any ideas?

A couple of weeks ago TP staff realised their predicted wait times were wrong. They are supposed to be something like 82% of Disney’s posted wait times (which they gave predicted and are confident are right) but for some rides they were only 60%. They corrected this and as a result everyone’s wait times went through the roof and there was mass panic.

It affected quite a few months unfortunately.


Ah! I missed this. Should I really expect an hour wait at rope drop for those two rides?

It really depends whether you are front of the pack - in which case no - or strolling up to the tapstyles at 9am - in which case yes probably.


Also TP adjusts wait times a couple days before updating the CLs so what you see now is the updated version. Look for an update soon.

They specifically said that it wasn’t a CL update or any new info - as I said, it happened 2 weeks ago or thereabouts and if the OP had adjusted their plans then, they’d have seen it then. Lots of other people already did for dates ranging from last week to the end of July. But there haven’t been any CL changes.

Yes if you hadn’t evaluated in the last few weeks then you are seeing what @missoverexcited referenced. It happened to my plan too. TP staff responded on at least one thread around the day we all started to notice the changes and explained which I always appreciate. I adjusted my plans and I am grateful that when they think their prediction is off for some reason they change it. Sorry though that you are being surprised by the changes right before leaving. That can be unsettling but I am hoping you still have a great trip!

The my update monthly so thinking this could be the June update showing as well but you are correct as well. Double whammy perhaps.

Hoping not :slight_smile:

What was that gameshow phrase from way back? “Big bucks. No whammies!”

I updated my plans this evening and there were no changes. I understand that it was really busy in the parks today though so it’s possible they are expecting bigger crowds this weekend.

Thank you all for the replies. I’m sure that was it. A couple weeks ago, I was trying to finalize plans and get everything printed out (because I like paper copies of things). It’s been kind of crazy the last few weeks so I’m sure I hadn’t updated. I had assumed I’d get a crowd calendar notification or park hours change if something changed. I didn’t think about algorithm adjustments.