Touring Plan Advice for Multiple MK Days during Spring Break

Wanted to see if anyone has thoughts on how to spread multiple MK visits during spring break week. Staying at BLT so easy access to MK during week where virtually every day is CL 9 or 10. Going with DS - 6; DD - 4; DS - 2 and parents and grandparents so enough coverage for everyone. We have ADRs done for character meals so not so concerned with other character meets. We are going to other parks and not going to MK all in a row, but for these purposes, this is what I am planning:

Day 1 - Full MK Day - Dinner at 6:00 at Crystal Palace - plan to take break after lunch and come back
Day 2 - Morning Half Day at MK
Day 3 - Probably Full MK Day (BBB at 8 AM, BOG at noon and Fireworks Dessert Party at 7:45) - will take midday break after BOG
Day 4 - Departure Day (Flight at 6 so will have most of day at MK).

Given this - how would you split up? Would you focus on lands (i.e. do Adventureland/Frontierland Day1; Tomorrowland Day 2; Fantasyland/Liberty Square Day 3; casual touring/filler/SOMK/Tom Sawyer Day 4)? Any other suggestions? Thanks!

I’d suggest coming up with your list of fastpass attractions first. With 4 days, choose which 12 fastpasses you want. Then after fastpass day, divide the rest of the park up accordingly. You’ll need to be flexible until you see what’s available.

Once you’ve got fastpasses, I liked how we divided by land. It let us hit multiple attractions without wasting a lot of time walking.

I’d save your last day to re-ride your favorites!

Thanks. Agree on FP but I’m not overly concerned about getting MK FP over that time and would probably focus on trying to get them based on a plan (realizing I can be flexible). Do people agree with how I divided by land and those groupings? Any other suggestions much appreciated. Thanks.

I don’t know that you need an entire day for Tomorrowland. I just don’t think there is a full day there.