Touring on EMH days

I’m looking at the EMH for May of 2016. We are only in the parks for 4 days: 5/10 thru 5/13. Looks like 2 of those days I will be in the same park that has EMH (something I NEVER do).
5/11 is PM hours at MK & 5/12 is AM hours at Epcot - which means there’s no way my family will make rope drop for that park! How bad will they be?
Touring Plans doesn’t show much difference but I’m wondering if that’s because it’s so far out?

Edit to add: We are doing 3 parks in 4 days. Hoping Star Wars Weekend will begin 5/13.

i don’t worry so much about evening EMH, especially if I get there at RD. MK will probably become more crowded that evening but the morning and early afternoon should be manageable. If it were me, I would change the EPCOT day if I knew I wouldn’t be able to make EMH RD. However, if that is the best day for you to tour EPCOT, have a good plan and make your FPP selections as early as possible.

Thanks for the reply. I’m planning on RD for MK, I’m more concerned about Epcot. We have 2 MK days planned so I’m sure we will get to do everything we want between both of them.

Looks like Soarin will be closed then. I’m wondering how EMH effects the evening crowds at Epcot too.

If I move our days around it has us at 2 parks back to back which I really didn’t want to do unless it were really that bad.

This is only my 2nd time using TP & our first trip had to be cancelled due to medical reasons so I never got to the finalization stage! Wasn’t sure when to expect the TP crowd numbers to change.

I just checked the CL for EPCOT for 5/12. Because it’s a Thursday and most schools will still be in full swing, I think you will be fine going to EPCOT that day even if you miss the morning EMH. With Soarin closed, you will definitely want to get the TT FPP if y’all want to ride it.

Regardless of EMH, evenings are always going to be more crowded at EPCOT, especially in WS because of the restaurants in my experience and opinion. Honestly, at that time of year, I think you’ll be just fine.

Thank you, that’s what I was hoping. TT is on the must do list so I imagine we will get a FP+. I’m sure lines will be longer with Soain out of the equation.

Most schools aren’t in full swing anymore during those time periods. More and more school districts are going to year round calendars- or to ‘extended school year’ calendars- so although there will be fewer families they will still be quite noticeable. If you can’t make EMH rope drop you should pick a different park IMHO. Going to a park with early EMH after it opens (instead of at RD) guarantees you are going to be standing in long lines. Everyone and their brother are going to be trying for those premier FP+ with Soarin’ down- so be on your MDE at midnight to increase your chances to get them- or maybe plan on singles lines if you don’t. EPCOT is a big park, but with EMH there will be lots of people and longer lines. It won’t be out of control crowds- but EMH parks are usually the busiest. You have to do what is right for your family, so do what you can to work around getting there later.

My plan is DHS 5/10, MK 5/11, Ep 5/12 & on 5/13 the guys are going to DHS for SWW & the girls are doing another day at MK.
EMH are 5/10 MK AM, 5/11MK PM, 5/12 EP AM & 5/13 DHS PM.
No matter how I move things around we are either doing MK or they are doing DHS back to back:( Trying to weigh the pros & cons.
We originally planned to be there for rope drop but after my kids taking advantage of EMH at MK now I don’t think we will make it for 8am open. Hoping to get there for 9.
I plan to make FP+ at midnight.