Touring HS in November

I’m trying to build a touring plan for my sister in early November. She is headed to HS on a Monday with a CL 9. I have had zero success building a good plan. The new tier system is really throwing a wrench in things. If she rope drops RnRC, it is a 34 minute wait, followed by a 17 minute wait at TSMWM with a fast pass, and a 71 minute wait for Alien Swirling Saucer. NO WAY! I can’t even figure out how to pick the best of the Tier 2 or when to place them because the wait times for the main rides are so high. Any one have any advice on how to approach this?

I’d recommend trying to set your Tier 2 shows / Star Tours for as early in the day as possible. Then try to get a same day FPP for anything you can as soon as you can.

I’m going to assume your date is after Nov. 2 and you can’t do EEMH at DHS. I also don’t have your FPP time for TSMM

Get to the park an hour before opening then RD @ SDD and then do your FPP at TSMM. That should get you close to 10am when most shows begin and you can start using Tier 2 FPP. Or if isn’t close to that time you can have / use an early FPP for Star Tours. This should help you get all three FPP done before lunch - probably 11:30am.

You are correct! Monday, November 11 is the day I’m looking at, so right now the park is set to open at 9am without any EEMHs.

That is really good advice about doing all of the FPs as early as possible. I’m going to try to build a plan with that strategy and see how it goes. Thank you!!!

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