Touring Disneyland and DCA Park

Looking for a 3 day touring plan - Disneyland and California adventure combined. Is this available somehow?

The program has you choose a park per day but if we are going to hop I create two plans one for each park select the same day and the time we are in the other park is setup as a break.

If you want to use some pre-built plans as a base the 1 day DCA plan (either for adults only or families with small children) are both great for whichever audience you have, then the 2 day plans at DL are all great as well.

Same here. We will have 3 full days to do DL and DCA with my wife, 15-yr Son and me (who have all visited DWorld many times but not in the last few years.).
Both my wife and me have visited DL a few times over the decades, and I saw DCA 10 years ago.
We are experienced TouringPlan’ites but less familiar with new FP protocols (it was our ability to do ToyStoryMidwayMania 4 times in a day that forced the change!).
We will be staying nearby but not a Disney hotel so now EMagic hours, I suppose.

I am open to any and all suggestions. Thanks.

Just set up multiple, personalized touring plans for each day. For example, you could create one called ‘DL am 7/4’ with the hours of your touring built into the plan and do something similar for DCA in the afternoon. I do this all the time. Have a great trip!

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DL still has old paper system, for now. Testing for a new system has begun though so depending on your dates you may be dealing with the new system here too.

TSMM is one of our favorites too!!! Unfortunately DL doesn’t have a FP so that is always one we do right at rope drop. Almost everyone heads to Carsland and Radiator Springs racers first so going to TSMM means you can walk on 1, 2 or even 3 times before a line starts to build. Once it builds though it never goes back down. Another great reason to do it first.

Season of the Force in Tomorrowland is very awesome right now and so FPs for Hyperspace go fastest, Star Tour FPs go next fastest. Also, Buzz FPs are not connected to the rest of the system so you can hold a Buzz FP every 2 hrs in addition to the rest of your connected FPs. Nothing in Fantasyland has a FP so on the DL side we like to do rope drop in Fantasyland. You can choose to do the Dash to Peter Pan or, do all the rest of Fantasyland while everyone is in the Peter Pan line and then do Peter Pan whenever you can fit it in.

For Peter Pan, if you are able to be at the rope in the hub and move quickly with purpose through the castle and then first ride to the ride, then you’ll get the shortest wait possible for Pan. We usually skip that dash though because we have small kids, almost never can get better than 20 min (which is still not bad for Pan) but if we skip Pan we can do the rest of Fantasyland in the time it takes for some people to just do Peter Pan first (the line can get up to 70 min shortly after rope drop). On average it’s about 25-30 min. within a few minutes of RD. It holds steady all day too, but unlike TSMM doesn’t have that sweet spot first thing in the morning, because so many people do head there first to try to not have a wait.

When Fantasmic was running we used to make sure we never went back towards the Rivers of America & surrounding lands during the evening and usually started avoiding it anytime after 11am when crowds were building and the access to New Orleans Square, Critter Country were all clogged up making maneuvering difficult. Now however with no Fantasmic, it’s a great place to escape the crowds that are lining Main Street and Small World Mall area for the night parade and FWs viewing. Tomorrowland during the first night parade and FWs can be nice as well, but after FWs gets a bit of a rush as people who are staying late get on those rides right next to where they just watched FWs.

Hotels along Harbor across the street from the pedestrian walkway are actually closer than 2 out of the 3 on-site hotels so if you’re in that vicinity you’re in great shape. Also any hotels near the cross of Harbor & Katella are very short walk to the Toy Story parking lot where there are free Disney shuttles all day. Don’t have to be parked in the lot to use them.

As fun as it is to be the bubble, we have only done onsite once at DL and almost always opt for offsite so we can enjoy going more often. There’s a lot to eat offsite too that helps with the budget. Some of our favorites off site places to eat are the McD’s next to Camelot Inn/Fairfield & Pizza Press at the Carousel Inn (both just a few hotels over from the pedestrian walkway). $10 pizzas with unlimited toppings. Great tasting and quickly made (less than 10 min). They are smaller pizzas with a thinner crust, but not a cracker thin crust (my husband hates cracker-like crust so he was very happy that their thinner crust still has some fluffiness to it). There’s also a Coldstone creamery right across the street from the pedestrian walkway which serves great ice cream, although our favorite ice cream is Ghiradelli’s (availble inside DCA) so don’t stop here as often as we used to before we discovered how much we love Ghiradellie’s.

If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to ask!! Planning at DL is much more laid back so enjoy the relaxed pace!!

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