Touring boardwalk/ epcot hotels departure day? Mid dec

Wanting input on our last day… I thought we would go explore the boardwalk and tour Christmas decor at Epcot hotels. I thought we’d get lunch but all im finding this close to trip is Captains Grille which seems to get good enough ratings. I also have a reservation at Art Smiths Homecoming at Disney Springs for that day lunch. I havent canceled yet just in case theres not a lot to do or eat at the boardwalk. We will have a rent car that we have to turn in after lunch. Our flight leaves around 6pm so assuming magical express will want to pick us up around 3?? If it helps, we’re staying at port orleans riverside and this is a Saturday, 12/9 (just in case Boardwalk may have more activity on a Saturday?)

If anyone can give any thoughts on if touring the above can fill a half day or if there’s something in Orlando worth driving to see, I’d appreciate your input. After reading posts about great epcot hotels decor, it seemed like a nice tour but now I’m doubting since I’ve never seen and needing some input. We will have spent 5 days in the parks and 1 at universal so probably done with big parks by that day. We’re multi generational group with a baby, kid, teenager, parents, grandparents. We love Christmas. Thanks for any thoughts or tips!

You’ve posted this in UOR forums - if you edit to put it in WDW you may get more responses.

I don’t really know anything about those resorts and have never been at Christmas so not sure how much help I am. But I would probably spend the morning at Disney Springs and keep the Homecoming reservation.

The Epcot resorts are my favorite overall resorts during Christmas! I just booked a bounce back for December 2018 just to stay at YC! Yes, your DME will have a 3:00 pick up. Can you spend the morning visiting the resorts, return the car and then go to Homecoming? I think Homecoming is a better choice than anything you can get for lunch in the Boardwalk area (just one person’s opinion).

I could sit in the YC lobby and watch the Christmas model train for an hour, but I do not know if you or your family will want to spend more than 30-45 minutes at each resort.

Oops! Thanks. This is my second post and I was working on my phone. I’ll get the hang of it eventually!:grin:

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We do love model trains. Grandad used to have one in his garage so that sounds great. Thanks for food opinion. We are sometimes food snobs so this is helpful.

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The Carousel at BC is also worth seeing, I loved that one.

Captain’s Grille used to be one of my favourite places around the Boardwalk, but it’s been redone (not sure if finished) and has more of a lounge type look to it. Hopefully the food will still be as good. I liked the feel of the place though and I fear that will be lost.

It tough to get the category right on your phone, it’s too small! I’m always on my phone and done it myself a few times.

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That sounds tough logistically to me since you have to turn the car in and then get back to your home resort as well as check out by 11 AM. How would you plan on getting that many people get back to your resort? I would add on an extra park day myself and go through Epcot leisurely, eat there, then leisurely stroll around the Epcot resorts. Or can you keep your car until later in the day, that really seems like another pain of a logistical hurdle with that many people. There’s really not that many places to eat a nice table service lunch in that area to be honest other than heading into Epcot.

Thanks for info - we’ll be sure to check out the carousel!!

Thanks for good points on logistics - I have four boys that are growing so logistics are always an issue LOL! We just may keep the car later in the day.