Touring approach early entry time, no ILL

I’m looking for recent (post-genie+) ideas about early entry rope drop at especially DHS. Rise or no rise? We always get to DHS plenty early, but have bad luck queuing at ToT or RnR and the ride goes down…. We will buy genie+, just not sure how early entry has been going in general.

I’m interested in all the parks!! Any and all opinions, please!!

Are you on site?

This park is so hard to plan for! We will be RD’ing in December. I keep reading about going to sunset Blvd first or at least in the first couple hours. But there’s a lot of ideas about MMRR first too. For me I will want to prioritize SDD so will plan hard for a LL and then will buy ILLs for the others. We will try and hit those at night in standby again. I’m curious for others ideas too!

The evening wait times for all ILL$$$ except ROTR and FOP seem very reasonable lately. Even FOP in the evening might be do-able if you don’t want to lead the elbowing hordes to it.

Yes we are

These are my current musings (haven’t been yet but planning for Jan, no AK this trip). My group is six adults, one 5yo, two 2yos. We are on property so have early entry.

MK - not paying for any extras. Plan is to RD 7D and then use a custom TP w/ optimized waits to get on Splash, BTMRR, and PPF. There is so much else to do that I’m not worried about filling our time with delightful rides and attractions (and have prepped everyone that we will likely miss out on something because we are only there for one day).

EP - plan on buying ILL for Remy and FEA but not Genie+. My primary reason for buying the ILLs are as follows 1) Two of the adults will play golf in the morning so this will let us schedule both rides for a time after they join us. 2) We can spend the morning focused on Future World instead of bouncing back and forth.

DHS - plan on buying ILL for ROTR and Genie+ for the adults. My primary reason for this is so that adults can ride the big rides quickly and not make the little ones wait to long. People don’t want to miss out on doing stuff with the little ones so I think that will let us do both. One of the adults won’t ride Slinky and the 2yos won’t be tall enough. So we plan to have the 5yo step in for the no riding adult (I need to check that that isn’t a problem - just having her use his band) and use Genie+ to get on it. We’ll RD MMRR.

Ooooo that’s a lot to dump. Hope it’s maybe helpful and perhaps solicits some more advice for the group.


I think that’s a solid plan.