Touring Advice for Upcoming Trip Oct. 15-23

Hey Y’all! Coming into FL on Oct. 15th and I need some solid advice since I haven’t been to the parks since 2016 and its seems like EVERYHING has changed. First, some info to help you to help me :wink:

  1. This is a “Girls Trip” with 3 Moms + 3 Daughters (9/10 year olds) = Party of 6
  2. We are NOT staying on-site, so we cannot take advantage of Early Entry
  3. Our Park Reservations:
    • Saturday, 10/16 at EPCOT (full day)
    • Sunday, 10/17 at HS (full day)
    • Tuesday, 10/19 at MK (full day)
    • Wednesday, 10/20 at HS (half to full day)
    • Thursday, 10/21 at AK (half day - afternoon to evening hours)
    • Friday, 10/22 at MK + Boo Bash (half day - afternoon to evening then Boo Bash)

Specific questions I have are:

  1. Is it even worth getting to the park early to “rope drop” if we are off-site guests? And if so, at which parks will it be the most beneficial to do so? We want to pretty much ride everything and I am just lost now on how to attack planning to do the most popular attractions without the benefit of rope-dropping or FastPass.

  2. IF Genie+ becomes available the week we are there, would anyone suggest paying for this? I know this is a hot topic and I’m frustrated about the money grab along with many of you but y’all, this trip is our first in 5 years and could be our last for quite some time so I want to ensure that we get to experience everything we possibly can. I just have no idea if this is even something I should try to work into my planning and I’d like your thoughts.

  3. RotR - My daughter and I are HUGE Star Wars fans. Am I going to have issues getting on this experience and it taking up a insanely large amount of time now that we are in standby mode? What time of day do you think would be ideal to try for the shortest wait?

  4. I’m a planner… I have followed detailed touring plans in the past and I really just feel like I’ve had to take everything I know and throw it out the window. I AM looking forward to perhaps a more laid back approach at the parks, I’m not gonna lie, BUT everyone else in my party is looking to me to be the official touring planner and I really feel like I don’t know what the heck I’m doing anymore lol! What advice do you have to give for my trip in terms of how to tour specific parks/attractions. I’ll take anything y’all have for me.

Thanks so kindly!


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I would be surprised if Genie+ is live for your trip. But, if it is, TouringPlans published a series of four blog articles that did some “math” for when it would make sense to buy Genie+ in each park.

Magic Kingdom
Animal Kingdom
Hollywood Studios

I would recommend rope dropping even from off site. Sure, it will be different with the early opening time for onsite guests, but its still better than being in line behind the other guests arriving later in the morning.


Thanks for the great information! I had heard it was planned to drop the 3rd week of October which would be the week we are there, but I also know that with no announcements being made thus far, it may not drop then.

I’ve been trying to keep an eye on the wait times in the morning hours and I agree that rope dropping is still probably going to be the most beneficial use of our time. I will definitely check out those links and really appreciate your input!

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I know it wasn’t part of your questions but what is your plan for meals? Having gone with friends, coordinating food in the parks was something that benefited a conversation. (My BFF packs lunches for her family, my family usually had an ADR somewhere.) Then I set up plans with rough goals before and after planned meal times. Whether you use meals as the time for people following separate plans to “meet”, or as the time where people break, it makes the day more manageable to me when you think about it as separate chunks. And if you are planning on QS, thinking through who is ordering and when you are going to put in the order for what meal time… that will save a bunch of cat herding in the moment. Have a great girls trip!!!

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  1. I would still rope drop if you want to max you ride time. Even if you are behind the early entry crowd, you will still have lower waits. I think Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios are the parks I would say that I would rope drop.

2.This is such a fluid situation right now with not knowing when they will roll it out. Learning that you will only be allowed to use the Genie+ once per ride was disappointing to me.

3.I would maybe consider doing the Individual Ride attrition purchase for Rise if it available. Would save the time you are worried about. Not having Early entry, would possible consider doing end of the night.

  1. Being the planner of the group is hard. I would make sure you know what rides are must do for your party. Are there rides they would be ok to skip if time became an issue. I love making a plan but I know we may no follow it exactly. I normally plan to start on one side of a park and make our way around, checking of the rides along the way. I think even if the others in the group are not huge Star Wars fans the rides in Galaxy Edge are both very neat rides. Do some of the shows, at AK, the kids will love Lion King and its a nice little break to sit down.

Hope you have a great trip!

Those are great questions. We have very few dining reservations and will eat mostly by QS and bringing a few snacks. I do have a few reservations that I’m hanging on to in case we figure out that we really need that just because more of a break is needed. I do plan to have a general plan for the day on where we want to eat and will plan to get our mobile orders in early on the day. We do have an ‘Ohana reservation in the middle of our MK day so I will absolutely have to plan around that one.

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Thanks so much for your reply and great advice! I was feeling really good about being able to get everything done as I’ve been watching the crowd levels and wait times throughout the day then BANG, the announcement that Genie+ is rolling out in the middle of our week. Lol! Back to having no idea what to expect with this. This will be an interesting trip for sure but I know we’ll have a great time no matter what.